You are currently viewing Staying at home? Try some new activities. #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge

Staying at home? Try some new activities. #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge


Hello, How is Quarantine treating you? What are you doing these days? Trying any new activity? Do let me know in comments!

In this tough times, it is important to stay positive and happy right? Well, we all are working on our blogs to make it better and better everyday, isn’t it? There are some ways you can try to make this time interesting.


1: Lettering

Have you tried lettering? This is the right time to try your hands on lettering. Write your favourite quote, line in a creative way, try some art here. Still not clear what to write in lettering? I have started with #positiveeveydayy challenge.

Click here to Participate.


2: Black Out Poetry

Tried it? It’s a real fun. It is not only a creative exercise but a stress Relief too.
Try your hands on Blackout Poetry

3: Journaling.

This is my favorite thing to do these days.
Yes, I started journaling with a challenge called #Positiveeverydayy where I use to write a line or quote that inspired me. Well, later I discovered there are so many things that can be done here. There are many types of journaling like Junck Journal, Travel Journal, Art Journal and many more.
Add what you love here. Do painting, add polaroids, cutouts, your favourite Quote, everything. This Quarantine, unwind yourself with these activities.

4: Read

How about picking up a book that was unread for years? This is the right time to read your favourite book

5: Family Time

Yes, unwind yourself and Sometimes it’s important to Friends and Ludo is the perfect combination in this Quarantine. There are some other games like Tambola – The Indian Bingo, Uno, Houseparty, Scribble, Business are some of the wonderful games you can try.

6: #OnceuponabookwithPenguin

Get ready with your kids because Penguin India came up with a wonderful campaign. Penguin India and MomsPresso India are coming up with some wonderful authors who will be engaging with the young readers. Click here to check the post.

7: #PenguinTV

Penguin India has come up with this wonderful initiative where authors will weave a story for you. Each episode is super interesting.
Click here to check.

I started doing Junk journaling, because, there are so many things I want to add in my journal. Well, Journals do tell about your mood, the way you do a page, tells a lot about how you’re feeling. It’s a mood lifter for me. Whenever I feel sad or needs motivation, all I do is journaling. Well, this post is all about how and what all you can do with your Journal.

To start with Get a plain page or dotted journal or notebook.  I use MENORAH’s and Thoughtslot’s  notebook and I love it. 

What all you can add in your Journal?

From your favourite quote to your favourite line, from how your day was to your favourite movies. Just write what you feel. Pour your heart here, feel that joy.

What elements you can add in your jounral?

Well, there are N number of things you can add to your journal. 

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