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In course of true love


This unique name caught my attention to read the book ‘ In course of true love’. The plot is good and you will love this saga of love. A pure love of Aarush and Achanakyas drama of being in love will make it interesting. What I liked more was Ritika’s character. How she stood like a true best friend.

Book- In course of true love
Publisher- Shrishti publishers
Rating- 3/5
Writer- Sanjeev Ranjan.

Just the way we are.

The way story is portrayed is really good. Description of places, feelings is something you will love. Sameer and Shaguns love had seen many hurdles, they story of how they met, how sameer had to go abroad on first day of his wedding, how sammer was living in his past memories, Parents wanted him to get married, how trip to shimla made sameer realise what he lost in life. Overall the book is interesting and would love to read it.

Publisher- Shrishti publishers
Rating- 3.5/5
Writer- Sanjeev Ranjan.

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