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Neighbors by Abinaya Baskaran – Book Review

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Author: Abinaya Baskaran

Writing Style


I loved how she used the traditional words in the story along with their meaning giving us a cultural Backdrop too.



•Love is about giving time to each other, love is about healing •

Neighbors by Abinayabaskaran is a story of Bharath and Harshini who were tied in a bond of marriage. One incident changed their life and it takes time to get things back to normal. Will their bond be the same again? Will Bharath get his Harshini back?

Well, Abhi weaves a sweet tale of love, friendship, loss, relationships and strong family bonds. With vivid descriptions and an interesting plot, it’s a beautiful story of how love takes time, how love is about giving time and how love heals.

From the time of Harshini’s college days to her working life to their decision of getting married. The story gets more and more interesting in the last few chapters where one incident changes their life. What happened that day? Why haunts Harshini? How was her childhood? Will Bharath return? Will he bring her back? Abhi makes the readers curious with many questions.

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With simple language and an engaging writing style, it’s a quick fast-paced read with layers of love. I enjoyed reading, the way their bond developed and their family support.

There’s lots of drama and entertainment along with friendship and love. The bond Malavika, Anvar and Harshini shared was beautiful to read. How They stood together in all the ups and downs.

The characters are well sketched by the author. I liked Bharath’s character more than. The way he made things better for her is beautiful. I loved the last few chapters the most. The climax was predictable and a good one. Well, I carved for more in the story. I felt there was a rush in the story and felt that something was missing. I would have loved to read more about their bond, and their conversations. I loved how she used the traditional words in the story along with their meaning giving us a cultural Backdrop too.

Overall, it’s a light, breezy, interesting read that you will like reading.


The gates of wisdom and hope open up to a whole new world and there enters the young soul Harshini Boopalan, who dreams and aspires to build her own life, setting free from the past and living through the momentous urban life, building friendship and kinship. The silence of the dark clouds speaks aloud and teases her mind grabbing her attention towards the most difficult decisions and choices. Her journey of a simple normal life engulfs in the usual twists and turns, reshaping her belief in the beauty of life and transgressing to a different world. Will she survive through these reverberating moments? Or Will she give up at the earliest?

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