You are currently viewing Samyak Kumar – The author of Take Off your startup book shares his journey

Samyak Kumar – The author of Take Off your startup book shares his journey

Samyak Kumara is an author of the book Take off your startup.

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It all started with a news headline, a businessman in Kolhapur committed suicide.In the next few days there was one more news, a businessman along with his 2 grown-up sons and wife, left the house and ran away, due to unmanageable financial issues.  This news touched me, an entrepreneur undergoes through ups and downs as compared to job doer, and still has to do suicide.

While I was thinking about this, a big businessman, owner of the national coffee retail outlet (estimated wealth ownership worth of 18k crore) committed suicide. It was a numbing event for me, I read every news on this issue and my heart was broken.

Every year, thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs start new businesses. These entrepreneurs feel bright and are full of hope. Plenty of small business statistics show that by the end of four years more than half of them will be gone. In my entire 10-year startup journey I went through many ups and downs, I was almost about to breakdown and go in depression.

In this entire journey, I didn’t find a single source to look into and follow. When I was starting up my business had many problems, in the search of practical solutions, had to read numerous startup books, meeting with many entrepreneurs, watching numerous online videos, online/offline courses and personal experience notes.

It took me a longtime to find the relevant stuff for startups. I want this knowledge to be transferred to everyone and didn’t want anyone to go through what I went through, I decided I will tell everyone, how to start a business, but the question was how should I tell, it shouldn’t be boring and to the point.  It came to my mind, what if I share startup stories with everyone. That’s when I decided I will write a book which would be unique and would stand out from traditional business books.

Before starting any business traditional or innovative you will need to know about, crisis handling technique, business model canvas, Jugaad Model, Passive Income Model, Lead Generation, Conversion, Customer Followup, Budgeting, Cash Flow, Profitability Supervision, System Setup, Standard Operating Procedure, ITification, Control Panel, and a total of 72 concepts required to make it sustain, prosper and lead.

None of the practical startup problem-solutions are taught in MBA Schools, by business gurus, startup book or revealed by Businessmen.

Even if 2 lives are changed with “Take Off Your Startup Book” , I will consider my 12 months efforts to be written off.


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