Shankara: The Mansarovar Odyssey by Anuj Tikku : Book Review

Shankara: The Mansarovar Odyssey by Anuj Tikku : Book Review

Author: Anuj Tikku
Rating: 3.5/5


Shankara: The Mansarovar Odyssey by Anuj Tikku is a wonderful book that tells about his journey to #mansarovar.His experience with the group, the stay there and everything is described in a crisp way that keeps the reader hooked throughout.

The beautiful pictures shared by the author adds spark to the book. From food to culture the author explains about the temples, their importance. The language used by the author is simple. The narration of the book is crisp and engaging.

There were certain errors which I didn’t like. The book needs proper editing. There are certain details which are repeated.

The author has shared some tips which are practical and can help one. The backdrop of Tibet is beautifully portrayed. I liked how the author shared his experience. It felt like I was talking to a friend. This book can be your travel guide for Mansarovar.

Overall it’s a light and quick read that you can pick up.


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Shakara is my tribute to Shiva and my odyssey to the land of Druk , Mansarovar , Nepal , Dharamshala and Tibet as I seek out both Buddha and Shankara in these travelogues of mine .How similar they are in thought and in nature . The great meditators are explored in this book as I walk on the land they themselves had. Walked on to take a peek into their time and practices and how they perceived the world .I a-quaint you with accent rituals and scriptures , so come to this wondrous journey a tale of two complete men .

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