The Conspiracy Unknown by Abishek Babu : Book Review

The Conspiracy Unknown by Abishek Babu : Book Review

Author: Abishek Babu
Publisher: Notion Press
Rating: 3/5


It’s a story of Bindu, Ragupta Moriya and Dr Sebastian Stein. It’s the first part of the conspiracy unknown which is between BCE (Before clearance existence) And ACE. The plot switches between the history and the fantasy.

Well, for me it’s a bit heavy read. It’s lil confusing because of varying timelines and characters.
The plot is interesting with twists and turns. One cannot read this book in a go, it needs 3-4 siting to complete this book. I liked the storyline of the book.

The narration of the story is simple and relatable. The only thing that made me finish this book was Drama and dialogues. The way the author expressed is commendable. The way the author sequenced the events is commendable.

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The characters that the author developed are appealing. one can relate to them well. There are various themes like Loss, love, war are used by the author. There are too many characters in the story.

At some places, the author has shared too many details which makes this book a little boring. It’s 400 pages long with varied plot and characters. The language used by the author is simple. The writing style of the author is crisp and Lucid.

Two different stories make it a Lil difficult for the reader to connect with the book. The author tried sharing every minute detail. the cover of the book is attractive.

Overall It’s a good book with an interesting plot.


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The story starts with the birth of a prince and the series of events that follows. Fifteen eons ago, the ‘Great War’ was fought between the Anndas and a group of revolutionaries, in which the revolutionaries came out victorious. The Anndas were chased out of the empire and were made to live in the forest like nomads. The revolutionaries named Ragupta Moriya as their king, and thus the Great Moriyan Empire was formed. Great songs and stories were written about Ragupta Moriya and his ten war generals who fought out the evil Annda Empire. After fifteen years, a plot is made to overthrow the Moriyan Empire. And it all falls on the shoulders of Ragupta to win the battle.
After nearly 2300 eons, the life of Dr Sebastian Stein is under peril. A mysterious man in a black suit is in pursuit of capturing Dr Stein, but Sebastian is saved by his father’s old friend. When Sebastian starts to learn about the death of his father, he realizes there’s no other way to escape but to run for his life.
What exactly happened in Before Clearance Existence (BCE) for it to affect the life of Sebastian Stein in After Clearance Existence (ACE)?

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