You are currently viewing Shivshakti: The Continuous Continuum by Anita Rajani – Book Review – The Bloggers League 2022

Shivshakti: The Continuous Continuum by Anita Rajani – Book Review – The Bloggers League 2022

Author: Anita Rajani
Publisher: The Write Order Publications

Writing Style


It’s a book to treasure for life. Want to read about Shiva and Shakti? About the balance they create? A spiritual experience? This is the book.



• Every form has its evolution and manifests itself as an evolved matter which ultimately again merges into the primal matter and expansion takes place.•

Reading this book was an experience of its own. An experience worth witnessing, a book that each one of us must-read.

Rajanianita Anita Rajani’s Shivshakti is about conversations between Shiva and Shakti, the eternal Adi Shakti that give us a deeper understanding of life, of the universe. How ShivShakti exists in every form, how they are continuously evolving with time.

Divided into 53 chapters, each chapter gives us a deeper understanding, connecting us to the eternal energy. Beautifully narrated, with absorbing wiring style, Anita with her words gives us a spiritual experience for life.

The author shares about Sita and Ram, Radha and Krishna about how Shivshakti took different forms to bring balance, love and harmony on Earth. How Tridev and Tridevi’s balanced the energies of the earth.

Why did Shakti, the epitome of strength or her many other different forms need to work her way up to Shiva. It was a leela they performed for us to understand the importance of patience, resilience, discipline and faith in one’s goals to reach the beloved. So many lack the courage to choose the truth of their own souls.

The Shiv and Shakti’s bond, the conversations between them will evolve each one of us, making us a better person.

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The conversation between Ganga and Sati was the best part of the book. You will enjoy every bit of this. A deep, meaningful book that explains the divine principle of masculine and feminine energy and the changing patterns and evolution over time.

Why Lord Brahma and Saraswati are not worshipped, why is Ganga tied in Shiva’s Jata, the concept of Jyotilingam and Shakti Peeth’s, Ganesha’s and Kartikey’s understanding of the test, their parents took. Radha and Krishna’s love, concept of Meera’s devotion, Sita and Ram’s bond, it has all.

It’s a mesmerizing book, a book that gives us an experience for life. I Loved the way the author expressed each concept, the concept of ShivShakti is remarkable.

With each chapter, it gets more and more intense, more interesting giving us a beautiful spiritual experience. She explains how Shiva and Shakti’s cosmic dance create balance and how they both are incomplete without each other.

It’s a book to treasure for life. Want to read about Shiva and Shakti? About the balance they create? A spiritual experience? Love reading Mythology? This is the book.


The book “ShivShakti – The continuous continuum” is based on the Divine principle of Divine masculine and Divine Feminine also known as Shivshakti. This book is a channelled text on how the principle of Shivshakti exists in everything we can see, feel and experience. It is on a continuous continuum to higher dimensions. Its continuously evolving to experience itself deeper. It was conceived with the ideology to spread the wisdom of the universe across and is inspired by Mother God and Father God.

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  1. Neha Modi

    We have always heard about these Gods and Goddesses in their various avataras but never known the reason. This sounds like a great book to pique ones curiosity and know more about them. Thanks for the detailed review of the book.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar


  2. That is a great book it seems,
    the concept itself is giving a depth of spiritual experience the book contains.
    Will definitely add into my list

  3. bookhippo

    Sounds like a really interesting book, adding it to my TBR

  4. Sameeksha

    I’m intrigued to know more about this book. Mythology has become my recent favorite genre!

  5. Nikita Jhanglani

    Sure sounds like an interesting book because I have not come across stories about why Lord Brahma is not worshipped, or why is Ganga tied in Shiva’s Jata. TBRing this one for sure

  6. Melina Lobo

    I’ve not heard about this book before! Will definitely add it to my list!

  7. Kritika Rag

    I don’t remember when was the last time I picked up a mythology but now I think I need to pick up some

  8. Jainand Gurjar

    I know it is your favorite read of January. How can I do not add it in my wishlist 🙈

  9. Kriti

    Shiv Shakti is one of my favourite deities
    Adding this to my tbr

  10. Mythology is an interesting genre and this one about shiva and shakti is interesting. Will add to TBR

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