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The Weight Of A Woman by Tansy Boggon – Book Review

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Author: Tansy Boggon
Publisher: Shawline Publishing Group

Writing Style


There’s depth in each of the characters. The way events unfold is amazing. It’s a light, refreshing read that you will love.



Some books are like reminders and sometimes in life, we do need such timely reminders. That’s when this book came to me when I needed a reminder to slow down and keep myself first.

Yesterday I was feeling a bit low and that’s when I decided to pick up this one and trust me it’s too good. We often tend to blame ourselves for everything that happens in our life. Sometimes the situations are out of our hands and all we can do is accept it happily.

In Tansy Boggon’s The weight of a woman, we witness the journey of Jenni, who is fed up with her body and weight. Jenni who now feels so lost and is planning to do surgery gets a new perspective when she meets Norelle.

With an intriguing plot and rich gripping narrative, Tansy with this story conveys an important message. Loved the way the story begins with Jenni fighting with herself. Here you’ll feel sad for Jenni, the way she criticized herself and was always in her shell because of her notion.

‘The war within is the most dangerous one.’

Jenny’s journey is similar to many of us. We feel uncomfortable about ourselves thinking about what others will think. Like Jenny who hates her body, we have all been in her shoes. One could relate to her journey so well.

I loved how the plot takes a turn with Norelle’s entry. So smoothly and pleasantly. Norelle’s calmness and her perspective will make you feel positive. Her character has great vibes and you will love reading about her.

The writing style of the author is simple and refreshing. The way she expresses the emotions, be it Jenni’s hurt or Norelle’s point of view, is amazing. One could actually feel her words.

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It’s a fast-paced story with a smooth flow of words. With each chapter with Jenni, even you’ll get clarity in life. It’s not about how we look, it’s all about how we feel about ourselves.

With the themes of friendship, office drama, love and self-love, Tansy weaves a brilliant, mesmerizing tale. I loved the last few chapters. One needs a friend like Norelle in life.

The characters are strong and relatable. One could relate to Jenni’s insecurities and the way she picks up herself. When people always discouraged her, Norelle gave her a different perspective. I loved reading about Norelle the most and of course Barry’s quirky nature.

“… you are worthy of self-acceptance and self-care as you are, right now, since your weight does not reflect your self-worth.”

There’s depth in each of the characters. The way events unfold is amazing. Especially after Norelle helps Jenni. The climax is indeed a cute one. It has a great storyline. It’s a light, refreshing read that you will love.



She believes her life will finally begin when she loses her excess weight.

As Jenni explores a final desperate attempt to lose weight, she becomes curious about an eccentric new colleague, Norelle, who seems to eat whatever she wants without any noticeable hang-ups. How is this even possible?

Jenni wants to discover Norelle’s secret; what she learns not only changes her perspective on her weight concerns but the way she sees herself.

Jenni comes to understand that the weight of any woman does not determine whether they are good enough or deserving of the love and happiness they crave.

“An inspired and thoughtful book for all women who see themselves for less than they really are … a beautiful story of discovery and heartfelt resolve …Wonderful work…” Carolyn, Indiebook reviewer

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