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Dust Dancers by Sarthak Paliwal – Book Review

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Author: Sarthak Paliwal
Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP

Writing Style


A deep, interesting and entertaining read where one witnesses the hues of life. A book you must not miss.



I make sure I never miss the local dance wherever I visit. Dust Dancers reminded me of the performance I witnessed when I visited Gujarat last year. They have their own certain principles which will definitely astound you.

• Fear is like a well-balanced knife on your tongue. One little mistake and you can injure yourself.•

Book 10 of 2023! With a vivid backdrop of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, it’s a story of Dust Dancers and how they cross each other’s path, how they become part of the group and now became a family. What is their story? Why was this Dance Group formed? What binds them all together? Each of the artists has a story to tell and a journey to witness, a journey that will stun the readers and make them wonder how cruel life can be for someone and how each of them survived with a smile on their face and with a zest to live with their passion.

Sometimes situations bind people together and this is what Dust Dancers is about. It’s a story of Gora Dev, Mitali, Anahita, Vidushi, Daka Singh, Ustaad and Mitha Lal. It’s a story of the choices they made that made their life better or maybe worst.

Witness the journey of these Artists and how their lives get entangled In each other, and how each of them unfolds their story.

With an intriguing, mesmerizing plot, and crisp descriptive narrative, Sarthak weaves an intense tale of Love, Friendship, Societal issues and Hope. Here readers witness the reality of society and how one wrong mindset and one wrong decision destroys someone’s life. It’s an engaging story and the way each of the characters narrates their story will give you goosebumps.

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Right from the Young Ustaad to Old Mitha Lal, life was never fair for them. The tragedies they faced will make you question aboutthe society we live in.

The way the events unfold will amaze the readers. Sarthak makes sure to add the element of curiosity throughout making readers assume what can happen next. It’s a fast-paced story that has depth. For a change, I liked the shift in the plot as every character narrates their story as the readers gets a sneak peek to the character’s past along with the present situations and the reality. This is something I loved most about his Writing style. One will not miss a situation along with the present plot.

The simple and engrossing writing style keeps the readers invested in.
•Every home has cracks and some are visible with time•

I loved how each character shared their perspective and the way the author shared each of their stories, giving equal importance to all of them.

The characters are beautifully sketched by the author. They are powerful, with the fighter’s spirit and love in their heart. I loved Vidushi’s story but Mitali’s character had my heart. Loved the way the curious child understood the situation. I wished to know more about her story. It’s a story full of drama and unexpected twists. With layers of love, lust, friendship, loss, jealousy and family relationships they supported each other when the world denied them, when no one cared about them. How they made each other feel comfortable in their presence and gave them time to open up. It was amazing to see how a person needs a listener, love and hope to live.

How the world has everything for everyone, one has to find the calling. The climax was too good. Something unexpected and apt. It’s a story that has the potential and can be a good Bollywood story. A deep, interesting and entertaining read where one witnesses the hues of life.

•Life is not about running away from situations but facing them.•

A book you must not miss.


“There are no demons or angels of the past. There is only a past, as bare as any other truth of life. What you make out of it is the only truth you need to work upon.” What happens after a performance ends? Do the characters seize to exist the moment curtains are drawn and the audience leaves? Or is that a point where a different story begins? This is the story of characters behind that curtain. Six people. Six different stories, pasts and lives. Connected by a single emotion – Fear. In the town of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, a traditional dance group is being formed. Its members are dancers and singers, and more than that, they are dreamers, philosophers, romantics, runaways, heartbroken, hopeless and much more. Meet Ustaad, Daka Singh, Mitha Lal, Vidushi, Anahita and Gora Dev, and see the choices they make and how their lives get interwoven in each other’s. An inspiring tale of being hopeful and courageous when all seems lost.

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