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When Will You Die? by Jayanthi Sankar – Book Review

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Author: Jayanthi Sankar
Publisher: Zero Degree Publishing

Writing Style


It will leave the readers with many thoughts and questions too. Jayanthi tries to keep it light and powerful at the same time. With each event the story gets intense, keeping the readers hooked throughout.



Susan is angry as two men who are important to her are fighting with each other over her. It’s her brother and her husband who is fighting for her! But why?

I finished reading when will you die? By Jayanthi Sankar and it tells about how unpredictable life is, what happens when we love someone so much only to hear when will you die from them! Such is the journey of Susan.

Susan who made a pen pal and shared everything with Suiyi is in love, will her family allow her to be with her pen pal? When life hits hard from each side, you have to stay calm and make choices. There are choices Susan made for herself.

From telling and sharing about their lives and situations to spending life together, I loved how the story took a turns.

Right from an intriguing title, Jayanthi gives us a sneak peek into the lives of Susan and Suiyi and their family background, the struggles they face and the tragedies they witnessed. Susan has to leave Joe, her baby brother whom she loves the most as she leaves for a different country.

How will their lives affect by this decision? With an interesting plot and captivating storyline, with a crisp descriptive narrative, Jayanthi shares about the lives of Susan, Suiyi and Joe. She shares about the traumas, the insecurities each of them have and ho sometimes relationships can take a toll, one incident can change many things.

Loved the way the events turned out to be, especially the Letters from the drafts. One could relate to Susan’s situation and the way she handles the situations. While Susan is fighting, Suiyi and Joe have their own journey and loved how Jayanthi portrays it.

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The writing style of the author is simple and alluring making the readers curious about what will happen next. Here, you’ll find the sibling’s bond, the relationship with a grandparent and how Susan tries to balance it all. It’s a brilliant story with layers and as the story proceeds, Jayanthi unveils the layer of truth.

It will leave the readers with many thoughts and questions too. Jayanthi tries to keep it light and powerful at the same time.

You’ll experience a plethora of emotions while reading. How they had their own reasons for keeping secrets and will they ever know the truth? It’s a fast-paced thrilling read that you can count on especially if you love reading psychological novels. Loved it.

How sometimes even love cannot heal things and situations. I liked Susan’s character, even Suiyi’s character, and the way he supported Susan and cared for her happiness. I even loved the bond Suiyi and Susan’s grandmother shared.

With each event the story gets intense, keeping the readers hooked throughout.


Disarmingly, charmingly simple, this book will give readers much to think about. – Usha Nagasamy, Further Education teacher, London When will you die?- an emotion in itself that many of us avoid and fear comes out as a beautiful literary rendition by Jayanthi Sankar and will stay a mystery and an enigma years after its time and haunt our hidden traumas, insecurities in ways we could never imagine. – Sredhanea Ramkrishnan, Food technologist and upcoming author, India Zooming in like a camera to explore the aspects of the human psyche at various levels across the vast framework of society at large, the brevity of this postmodern socio-psychological novella fascinates me. – Ethan Wynn, FinTech Analyst, Houston, USA Jayanthi Sankar skillfully depicts human complexities with quite a few nuanced surprises in store in the epistolary novella When Will You Die? It leaves the reader reflecting on the toll relationships can take on humans, what it is to live after losing your moorings, and what it means to be torn apart by affection and hate. – Dr. Revathy Sivasubramaniam, UX Researcher, Chennai, India Another fresh work of fiction and storytelling with profound ideas that will intrigue many readers, as it did me. Left with countless lingering thoughts and debates, I haven’t been able to come out of it. – Liu Fang, Further Education teacher, Hong Kong The main characters in the novella for their own reasons do not share significant incidents of their lives and this effectively depicts the shallowness of modern day, contemporary relationships. – P. Muralidharan, Writer, Chennai, India

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