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Invisible Girlfriend By Ekta Renu Chandana : Book Review

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Author: Ekta Renu Chandana
Publisher:  Zorba Books
Rating: 3/5


Invisible Girlfriend: Love, Life and Beyond by Ekta Renu Chandna is a story of Sid and Aj. Sid is the only one who can see AJ, why? What happens when he falls in love with him?.

It’s a simple story with a predictable plot. The narration of the story is crisp. The author tries to keep the reader engaged throughout.

This book is for beginners. I found it a bit tedious read. The writing style of the author is too simple. There are some errors which need to be taken care of. The language used by the author is simple and easy.

The themes like love, friendship, loss are used by the author. I liked the second half of the story. The pace of the story is slow. I found this book a bit monotonous. The characters that the author made are good. I loved Sid’s Parents character the most. The Drama and Dialogues keep the reader a bit engaged.

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The title of the book is attractive. I found the cover of the book dull. The blurb makes the readers pick up this book.

Overall it’s a simple, quick and light read. With a simple plot and crisp narration.


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Imagine this: You cannot believe your luck that the new girl in school who is as beautiful as the sunrise, is willing to date you! You fall deeply in love with her. And on a fine day, while having a romantic candle-light dinner with your gorgeous girlfriend under the star-lit sky, with a cold wind blowing, she just . . . disappears, into thin air. 

Baffling, isn’t it? 

That’s exactly what happened to Siddharth a.k.a. Sid. 

Where did she go? What happened? How can this happen? 
Read the novella to find out the mystery of the invisible girlfriend!

Invisible Girlfriend is a unique tale of love that you have never encountered before!

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    Ohh, that sure sounds intriguing! I love such thrillers! Will look up this one. Thanks for the recco.

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