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The Brocken Egg Of Legacy by Tushar Parashar – Book Review

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Author: Tushar Parashar
Publisher: Clever Fox Publishing

Writing Style


I liked the way the author described about the Tribal community, but it could have been a lil shorter. I enjoyed the last few chapters



The Broken egg of Legacy by @tusharparashar.official Tushar Parashar is a story of Raghav who choose to break the legacy of the family and do engineering. Coming from a family of lawyers and politicians, Raghav at his college does not reveal much about his family as he wants to create his own identity. At college, he makes some very good friends and there comes a time when he takes part in college elections.

Well, I liked the plot of the story, the way Raghav wanted to create his own identity, the way he fought in the elections ethically and the way he tackled situations. How his life changed when he realised his family’s legacy. It’s a story filled with Drama, friendship, love and politics. While the author shares about Raghav’s love story, he takes us to Raghav’s friend Om’s Tribal community where Raghav and his team strive to protect the Tribal’s pride.

With a simple, engaging narrative, the author makes the readers feel nostalgic. This book will remind you of your college days, and the bonds you made. While Raghav saves Om’s tribe, his love life falls apart. What happens next?

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Well, I was much more interested in Raghav’s story. The decisions he would make and how he would tackle situations. The story starts really well but takes a backseat after a few chapters. The author shares too many details which at times makes it tedious and kills the curiosity. It’s a slow-paced story, which has twists and the author could have executed it in a much better way.

Raghav’s life, Om’s community, everything was clashing which at times will make you lose interest. The characters are well developed by the author. I of course loved Raghav’s character and the way he dealt with the situations. Other characters were good too, I loved the way his friends supported him, his uncle and brother supported him.

The writing style of the is easygoing and one could relate to the situations well. I liked the way the author described about the Tribal community, but it could have been a lil shorter. I enjoyed the last few chapters


The Brocken Egg of Legacy is the story of Raghav Sharma, a young eighteen-year-old boy from a well-to-do barrister family. His father is a high court judge, and his grandfather is a retired barrister of the Supreme Court. On his mother’s side, his cousin is a serving MLA and his uncle is an influential man. Raghav despises his family legacy, his traditions and customs. He decides to leave behind politics and law and choose a different path for himself. He wants to pursue Automotive engineering,but is forced to pursue an additional law degree to keep up with the family legacy. He despises his family name and wishes to achieve something good in his life through his own efforts. Raghav realizes his true potential once he reaches college. He meets Om, Rajveer, Millind, and Aashutosh, all from different backgrounds, who become his friends for life. He leads his team to victory in the college council elections and discovers that he has amazing leadership qualities. He visits Om’s remote tribal village and deftly solves the grass root level problems. This experience makes him grow as a person. In college, Raghav meets the love of his life Aarushi, the most precious and beautiful thing in his life. Aarushi is a senior at his college and the most beautiful girl in college. They both fall in love at first sight, but she comes from a typical marvadi joint family. Her family forbids her from marrying a boy from another caste. 

As the two love birds struggle to convince her parents, they realize the true meaning of love is setting the other person free, even if means to give up on one’s own happiness. The schism that arises compels Raghav to rediscover the meaning of life as he tries to find his way in life. He visits his ancestral home, where he discovers that the thing that he despised all his life, his legacy, is a result of great sacrifices made by his forefathers. He finally feels at peace with his roots and accepts and embraces his identity.

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