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Silence Has Secrets by Nayan Malek – Book Review

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Author: Nayan Malek
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Writing Style


It’s a quick 168 pages read with a powerful story that you can surely count on especially if you want to read something intense and different. A story with a gripping plot and immersing narrative.



It’s Book 27 of 2023 and it’s a book that has a question which we can never think of!

no matter how far people try to degrade you, if at heart you know that you were right, if you have the willpower, you will survive and do your job.

*Trigger Warning*

Nayanmalek ‘s Silence has secrets is a thought-provoking book that has a question which we can never think of!

Will you marry a man who is a Rape survivor? Akash had this question on his mind after Professor Dey asked the question in her previous class.

The next day Somebody had written on the table the question Akash had on his mind. Rajan couldn’t control himself and asked the class this question, making fun of the person who have asked this. In his excitement, he said something that turned the tables and his life took a turn.

The next day, Akshay got a call, his friend was found unconscious and Naked near the coffee shop! The news shocked the whole class as this was something unusual. When they reached the hospital, they came to know, Rajan was Raped.

The news spread like a fire in college and everyone had one question who could have done this? Akash who asked this question? Smita, a feminist, who had an argument with Rajan on social media? Or someone else?

The case starts going and the layers of the mystery start unfolding. I liked the plot of the story, the way the story starts and the events that take place are intense, keeping the readers hooked throughout, solving the mystery of Rajan’s case.

The crisp, descriptive narrative with an engaging writing style keeps the readers invested in. I loved the way the plot started developing, making readers suspect each of the characters.

As the plot develops, two love story starts developing, which I like the most as the author tries to keep it light yet profound.

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Everyone has a past that keeps them away from a bright future, the scars that haunt us. Here too Smita, who never believed in love and Choose dogs over man, fell in love with Safin’s idea of love.

Akash, who is always quiet in the class, falls for Fatima, not knowing how to express his love. Will she accept his past? Every character has a story to tell and Nayan portrays them beautifully.

While he focuses on love, he also focuses on Mental health. How we can take help and save our lives, how Man too has to deal with problems which we can never think of. He shares about how things change when we express ourselves, and how social media can be a boon and a cause too.

The characters are amazingly developed by the author. One could relate to their situations and feel proud of how they have come out of them. Especially Akash and Smita.

It’s a fast-paced story with the themes of friendship, love, hope and struggles. Rajan who was always excited was completely changed after the incident. Akash gave him hope as he shared someone’s incident. Meanwhile, the police suspected him for Rajan’s condition.

Well, the climax was unpredictable and loved how things turned out to be. I felt the story was a bit rushed at the end but it was indeed an interesting end.

I would have loved to read how Rajan coped up, and a few more details about the love stories and how they overcome the situations. It felt a bit incomplete at the end with a quick climax. A bit more detai could have made the story more interesting.

There’s a lot of interesting drama that happens throughout the story on social media and off social media too.

It’s a quick 168 pages read with a powerful story that you can surely count on especially if you want to read something intense and different.

A story with a gripping plot and immersing narrative.


‘Will you marry a rape survivor?’

When this question was asked in a class at IIT Murshidabad, only to ignite a constructive discussion amongst students, no one imagined it would open a catacomb of long-buried secrets and lead to unimaginably dark crimes.

The female students eagerly looked at their male counterparts for a response. The class topper, Safin, bravely answered that he would. Akash, scared that he’d be made fun of, quietly wrote on the bench, ‘Will girls marry a male rape survivor?’ Ranjan, the class’s back-bencher, seeing this, insulted Akash and even invited girls to rape him. It was all a joke for this quintessential trouble-maker, until next morning, when he was found naked, raped and brutally injured on the IIT-M campus.

The web of suspects sprawl wide—it could have been Smita, a vociferous feminist, Fatima whose feelings for Akash could have motivated her to take revenge on his behalf, or Akash himself, who was mercilessly mocked by Ranjan in front of the whole class. Or maybe, there’s another unsuspected perpetrator, whose silence—and act of violence—has spoken way louder than words.

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