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Sunshine, it’s okay to knock the wrong door – #ALPxGUN BlogHop

Sunshine, 2020 is here. Create Milestones and memories, that will last forever. Cherish every moment, you never know when it will become a Memory. Sunshine, Live every moment, make it worth happening. Because The trouble is you think you have a lot of time.

Thank you Pragun and Alpana for this Bloghop. The prompt I choose is Har Ghadi Badal Rai hai roop Zindagi.

Sunshine, It’s Okay to knock the wrong door, You never know what is stored for you. you never know that one opportunity can change your life. Today, we crossed a Milestone of 10K followers!. Yes, I still can’t believe it. How one Hashtag can change a life. That is something that happened to me.

I remember I was on Flight, and uploading a picture with a book where I found a Hashtag called #Bookstagram. That’s when I came across some accounts who reviewed books. Later with some research, I started my book blog. I was already a blogger, so it was a bit easy for me to add reviews.

With this account, even I changed as a person. there are so many things I learned, so many people I met which once again changed my way of thinking. Looking back to this journey, all I can say is Just have Patience sunshine, in the end, everything is worth the effort.

You never know how life will take a 360-degree turn which will make you stronger and better day by day. You will learn more and more about things and people each passing day, sunshine observe each and everything and take a lesson that will help you forever.

Remember, every day is new learning, a new lesson. There will be a new task for you every day, a new hurdle to tackle. Make sure you live it all sunshine. Make sure you complete this journey.

In the end Sunshine, I want you to let it go, let go all the negativity around you, negative people around you. There will be a time when you may not know who is right or wrong, what is right or wrong, at that time sunshine, leave it to the universe.

The universe knows it all, isn’t it? well well, sunshine, you never know what will happen next. Try, experiment with things, that’s how you’ll grow. It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to take a break, Just don’t give up Sunshine, Just don’t.

Remember: Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right destination. Life can change at any moment sunshine, Just be ready to adjust. That’s how you’ll be happy, That’s how you’ll Grow.

‘Grow through what you Go Through’

Thank God for everything that happens, be it closed doors or people leaving from your life. For all the beginnings and the endings.

There will be roadblocks but it will take you to the right direction. That will guide you. There will be some closed doors, which will make you better day by day.

At the end trust the universe.


This post is a part of #ALPxGUN BlogHop #BollyExpress hosted by Alpana and PraGun and sponsored by – UnorthodoxpeepsRangPotliExploreKidsWorldSoulfulFood and, Praggatti Rao.

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  1. Pashmeena Chowdhary

    Lovely post brimming with hope and positivity.. ..I liked what you said about not being afraid of boarding the wrong train, as it could be new opportunity..An encouraging post…

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thankk uu

  2. PraGun G

    Hey, lovely post and congrats vidya for 10k.
    yes, one must not be afraid to knock the door of opportunity, coz you don’t know what’s in store behind it. Everyday indeed is new learning and one should never be afraid of trying or exploring.
    glad to have your post on #ALPxGUN #BollyExpress.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thankkk uuu

  3. MeenalSonal Mathur

    Sometimes a change in direction leads to happy turns in life. Very beautiful narrated post.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Thank you

  4. Arushi Seth

    What a lovely and positive post!! I love it when you say, Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right destination. That’s the right attitude to be happy and more content!! When we spend too much time planning, we sometimes miss opportunities and forget to live the moment. Lovely read

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Yess thankk you

  5. Hema

    Raste apani jagah hain manzilen apani jagah ? waah! Bahut khoob likha.

  6. Rashi Roy

    How beautifully penned and am sure this will encourage many more people to believe in their decisions and move on.

  7. Alpana Deo

    Fist of all, congrats for 10K. We all learn from making mistakes. Sometimes, knocking at the wrong door takes us to the new direction. Who knows , that wrong door changes the entire picture and makes our vision more clear. One should always listen to their heart and follow their dreams.

  8. Archana Srivastava

    Hey congrats Vidhya for 10k followers.
    I so loved your post flow of positivity, right and wrong it’s all part of life, your positive attitude is enough to show you right path.

  9. Anjali M Naik

    Congratulations for 10 k. Its quite inspiring to know about you. This post just shows that nothing is impossible in this world.

  10. Suha Vijay

    Nice positive post. Loved the narrative

  11. Aditi Kapur

    Nice read, Vidhya and congratulations on your 10K!

  12. Shipra Trivedi

    My favorite line ‘Grow through what you Go Through’. Congratulations for reaching this high. And yes sometimes we could not get the idea of how it would go when we begin a new chapter of life. But when we find all the good things, we feel blessed and we continue going

  13. Shivani

    Congratulations bookstagrammer. Indeed the wrong train takes you to the right place. Who’s better than I to validate that thought?

  14. Srishti Rajeev Menda

    Grow through what you go through… That’s an amazing mantra! Congratulations on your journey!

  15. Disha

    Loved the message from your post. It is good to be independent.Be your own sunshine!

  16. Tanvi

    What an optimistic post this is.. Something I needed to read :) Many congrats on achieveing 10K and keep writing like this <3

  17. anupriya

    I loved your Sunshine series during AtoZ last year. And now this post is so so heart warming. Loads of Love Vidhya!

  18. Aakanksha Vohra

    Congratulations for your 10k it is indeed a milestone. Nothing is impossible in life if done with dedication. Feeling really motivated after reading your post

  19. Jameela

    Congratulations on Ur 10k vidhya,it was a post of encouragement n hope. The write up was simple n fine. Ultimately it’s Oki to knock the door of opportunity

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