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The Different Bride by Charu Singh - Book Review

The Different Bride by Charu Singh – Book Review

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Author: Charu Singh
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style


It’s a light, sweet read.



•Love is a feeling. It is not bound by any rule.• it’s above all, above everything.

@authorcharusingh ) Charu Singh takes us to the lives of Chandrika and Prakash. Chandrika, a cheerful person, who does not carry her supposed ‘flaw’ as baggage instead lives an optimistic life.

On the other hand, Prakash, an ordinary sales executive who is frustrated and worried about achieving his monthly target.

Disheartened, He made the last call of the day, hoping the sales to happen, Lil did he know, he wanted that call to never end.

It’s a complete filmy story full of drama and emotions. A saga of love, family and hope. With a delightful plot and a pleasant narration, we witness the shades of life in this book.

Chandrika and Prakash’s love story was not going to be easy, with Prakash’s conservative Indian Family. Love started binding them until work took the front seat in their lives. Struggling, juggling between work and love, Life changed once they were married.

What I loved most here is the family love and the bond they shared. How Chandrika’s bhabhi supported her, Prakash’s mother’s side of story and a lot more. I enjoyed the later part of the story.

The writing style of the author is enchanting and to the point. It’s a fast-paced story with a smooth flow of words. There’s no dull moment in the book.

I liked how brilliantly the author narrated Prakash’s situation, the way Chandrika handled the situation well, and the way her father supported her.

One thing that you will witness here is the way love changed them. How chandrika was more calm and present after they got married. How she worked on every lil thing to make things work. Prakash too, did his best for Chandrika.

Another thing that I loved is Chandrika’s family. How they supported the couple and there was not a bit of ego and attitude in them despite knowing Prakash’s family situation.

Overall, It’s a light, sweet read.

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