Things to try in Gujarati Food Festival 2020

Things to try in Gujarati Food Festival 2020

Gujarati Food festival 2020, one of the biggest food festival, happening for the first time in Borivali, is a place full of fun, entertainment and Food. Enjoy the variations of food, the combinations, the fusion, and the authentic food and Gujju vibes.

Firstly, You will fall in love with the ambience, the Gujarati songs, the traditional decor and helpful volunteers. Sharing some dishes that I loved the most.

1: Khichyu

The first thing that you must try there is Khichyu. The authentic Gujarati dish served with Chilli and Oil. Try on stall Number 311.

2:Bajri Wadi.

A Perfect snack for Winters, the Hot wadi served with chilli. Try this on Stall No.311.

3:Bharta Fusion and Khichu Fondue.

This was one of my Favourite stalls. For someone who wants to try combinations, this stall is for the one. I loved Bharta Slider there.

They have some weird and wonderful combinations like Khichyu fondue, Dabeli Pizza that you can try. I loved Bharta fusion most.

4: Loch house.

Lochs are a type of paving, which is found only in Gujarat. Loch. Is a specially made dish, which originated and spread in Surat. A stall where you could try Locho is stall number 212. Do check out.

5:Jalebi, Fafda, Dhokla.

Well, Gujarati’s cannot live without Jalebi, Fafda, Dhokhda, right? well, head over to Food ride i.e stall Number 312 for Hot and Yummy Jalebi, fafda.

6: Khichdi.

Want to try different types of Khichdior authentic Gujarati food? Do not miss this stall of Khichdi. Try some Khichdi as well as authentic Gujarati meals here. Do not skip this one. (One of my fav stall too).

7: Churma na Laddu

How about trying Gujarati Laddu? That too some hot Laddu’s? Do Try. Well, I forgot the stall Number, but its near stall No. 21.

8: Fries and Garlic Potatoes.

Another authentic dish that you can find in the village is Fries with potatoes (Bhungda batata). Enjoy the Spicy garlic potatoes at Stall No. 21.

9: Variations in Dhokla.

Another stall that You must not miss is Stall number 314. It has Traditional Rajkot Dhokla, Kadhi Dhokla, Sev Khamni and many more variations.


Well, Ponkh is famous in Gujrat. A Gujarati snack made from tender roasted sorghum grains mixed with other products such as sev, and here’s a stall dedicated to Ponkh. Try stall Number 26 for Ponkh Pattis, Panki and Gujarati Sweets. ponkh season is celebrated in Surat in Gujarat.

11: Dakor na Gota.

Dakor Na Gota, a traditional Gujarati recipe that is loaded with scrumptious flavours. An old recipe from the Village of Gujarat. Another snack that you must try there.on stall number 304.

12: Khichya papad.

Well, What to buy from there? Get Khichya papad at a very good deal.

Everything there is of good quality and at a reasonable price.

Well, here are some of my favourite dishes, that I loved there. Went there? Do share your experience, your favourite dish in the comments.

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