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Unholy Tales from Banaras by Anuj Tikku : Book Review

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Author: Anuj Tikku
Rating: 3/5


Unholy Tales from Banaras by Anuj Tikku is a story of the priest of Banaras who was found dead. Who killed him and why?. The atmosphere in Banaras seems inappropriate. What will be the reason? What does God want to indicate? That what Chashma baba thought. An Aghoda chashma baba and his friend pitara were on a mission to know how did the poojari die?

Aghoda Chashma baba who wanted to balance the situation will take some crucial steps. When will the atmosphere be normal in Kashi? Balance has to be maintained as Shiva is all about Balance, what will be the fate of Chashma Baba ?

Well, I liked this book. The plot of the story is different and unusual. I loved how the author built curiosity among readers. The narration of the book is crisp and appealing keeping the reader hooked throughout.

The writing style of the author is Lucid and engaging. The backdrop of Kashi is beautifully described by the author. The characters that the author developed are relatable and up to the point. The drama and dialogues make this book more interesting.

The life of Agoda baba, Priest’s journey is wonderfully explained by the author. it’s a fast-paced book full of mystery. The plot is somewhat predictable. The book is well researched and detailed. The pictures shared by the author are amazing. The book needs more editing. It has many errors which cannot be ignored.

I liked the cover of the book. It’s impressive. Overall it’s a good book. A quick and light read.

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Unholy Tales from Banaras is a collection of stories centers around the holy and spiritual town of Banaras where the world comes to die and attain Moksha. A temple priest dies in mysterious circumstances of heart seizure, a temple under evil spirits and a town taken over by negative occult powers and demonic omens.

We see the mystery unfold has two odd balls one a Aghodi Sadhu and the other a Snake charmer called Pitara , take us through a journey of this enchanting town, through murder, mystery deaths and the need to do what your beliefs say. Balance has to be maintained as Shiva is all about Balance, what will be the fate of Chashma Baba as he tries to run from the clutches of Inspector Sharma. This roller coaster ride will take you through the landscapes of this great city and talk about some rather Unholy Tales for a rather very Holy City.

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