You are currently viewing Did you know about this book? Urmila – The Forgotten Princess by Smriti Dewan published by Bloomsbury India : Book Review

Did you know about this book? Urmila – The Forgotten Princess by Smriti Dewan published by Bloomsbury India : Book Review

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Author: Smriti Dewan
Publisher: Bloomsbury India

Writing Style


It’s a crazy book for all the Mythology lovers, yes. This book has changed something in me forever. Urmila’s charm and her journey is worth witnessing!



• We were put on earth to show the world something else, Perform your role and leave, never overstay your welcome.•

I would not lie, I was impatient to share my thoughts on this book.
They say, READ BETWEEN THE LINES, THERE’S ALOT TO DISCOVER, and this is one such book where you will find the hidden meanings between the lines.

We always hear stories about Ram, Lakshman and Sita’s Vanvas, how their life was in the forest, the difficulties they faced, Sita’s abduction by Ravan and Ram and Ravan’s war.

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Did we ever wonder what happened in Ayodhya in Ram’s absence? Did Bharat really handle everything while dealing with the betrayal from her mother? How was Ram Rajya secured in Ram’s absence?

This book has answers to all your questions. We call Sita, Janak Putri Sita, but did we know about her childhood? Her bonds with her Maternal family? In Ramayana, did we ever think about the lives that were impacted when Ram went on Vanvas? Did we think about the Unsung Heros of Ramayana? Did we think, about Urmila’s Sacrifices? Her relationship with Lakshman? The lives of Janak Putri’s and the future of Mithila?

Did we think about what happened to Urmila when Lakshman went to Vanvas with Ram? Did we know, Urmila was the heir of JhanakPuri? Her contribution in shaping Ayodhya and Mithila?

Did we know much about Ayodhya’s relationship with other kingdoms? Did we know the bond between the Ayodhya brothers and the Mithila sisters? How their fates were sealed? How that Pinaka, the Shiv Dhanush, made Urmila feel, that Sita’s fate was dependent on Pinaka and her fate was dependent on Sita?

Did we know their Guru was Guru Gargi, Rishi Garg’s Daughter, Did we know about Urmila’s Grandmother Netraya from the Kingdom of Patkai? How Urmila’s and Lakshman’s relationship changed when he returned from Vanvas? What was the Future of Mithila?

Urmila’s relationship with her mother in law’s and her confusion for Kekai and Kekaya? Did we know about Sankashya? Mandvi’s kingdom?
Did we know Queen Sumitra’s Father’s role in Ramayana? In the Ram Rajya?

•You are as strong as your biggest weakness.•

With all the questions Smriti Dewan weaves an amazing tale of the forgotten Princess ~ URMILA.
I have always loved Urmila in every story I heard and this book made me love her even more.

I loved how she portrayed the land of Mithila and Ayodhya, the situations that shaped the kingdom. The childhood of the four sisters. Narrated from Urmila’s Perspective, we can now see a different version of Ramayana. The fall and rise of Ram Rajya.

The way the author weaved a beautiful story is commendable. As the story proceeds, it will astound you will twits that came on your way. The fearless, innocent Urmila and her sisters. The love they shared, the different personalities they had and the way they adored each other.

Read it all, from their childhood to choosing their Guru to their days in Gurukul to when Ayodhya’s prince visited Mithila. The descriptive narration with an engaging writing style the author impress the readers with her words.

The way every emotion is portrayed and the way the author described the perspective of each personality is commendable.

There are unheard stories that will surprise you. I loved how insightful this book is. The amount of research the author did is commendable.

The strong, fearless and promising characters are developed by the author. One could relate to every situation and will make you think.

Urmila’s witty character, her bravery, her dreams and loyalty for her throne, everything was beautifully described. From the story of Ahalya to Shanta to Raja Harishchandra, the author left no stone unturned. From the political games that were played to the wait for Lakshman’s return, Urmila has a story to tell.

From her marriage with Lakshman to her Guru’s Dakshina, Urmila fought a battle. I loved the author gave focused on all the characters, by showing their personalities instead of just one.
Filled with Drama and lots of Twists, this book hold some untold secrets of Ramayana. I loved the later part of the story most

•Lying to oneself is the worst disservice can do to one’s ego.•

I loved the later part the most. the Queen Urmila, a mother, a warrior. I loved loved the Father daughter’s bond.

It’s a bit heavy read and a smooth paced story. Did we know about Nidra, that was gifted to Urmila by her Grandmother? I loved how the author described the happenings in Ram, Sita and Lakshman’s lives when they were on Vanvas. The author told their struggles, the whole Ramayana through her Nidra. I loved that part the most.

How beautifully two parallel plots were narrated by the author. Not to forget, the cousin’s bonds between Their kids. Yes, you heard it right, the kids of the four sisters. The bond between Luv, Kush and the other kids .(Not spilling out the beans, you must read this book to know an amazing unheard journey).

How Urmila missed Sita when she decided to go back to Mother Earth, how she found the essence of Sita close to her heart. Urmila’s journey with lord Parshuram and Guru Vishwamitra. Her encounter with Mantra.

From Urmila’s strong opinions and Janak’s support and love for the daughters, Mithila left no stone unturned (read to know why and how).

It’s a crazy book for all the Mythology lovers, yes. This book has changed something in me forever. Urmila’s charm and her journey is worth witnessing!


The destinies of the two princesses of Mithila had always been decided. Strong-headed and resilient, Princess Urmila is the heir to the throne and the keeper of the sacred bow Pinaka. Her sister Sita is intended to wed the next Vishnu. But Urmila’s plan changes when she bumps into the rude, temperamental, lesser known Prince of Ayodhya, Lakshman.

Lakshman vows to become Urmila’s royal consort in Mithila. But a failed assassination of Ram and the brutal murder of King Dashrath leads Lakshman to ask Urmila to abandon her future to protect the throne of Ayodhya while he helps build a secret weapon to match the one Lankapati Ravan was building.

When Ravan kidnaps Sita, the ensuing war spreads beyond Lanka to northern India, as Ayodhya’s neighbours try to take over the kingdom. It is up to Urmila and her sisters to protect Ayodhya’s throne. The only way to do that is to revive the Pinaka through an ancient tablet whose pieces are in four different ancient kingdoms.

Urmila now has an impossible choice to make. Should she protect Mithila as is her kshatriya duty? Or should she keep the promise she made to her husband in exile to protect Ram’s throne?

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  1. Cindy D'Silva

    Wow seems like a book for a woman and this is something that I would love my daughter also to read someday. I’ll check it out soon! Thanks.

  2. Kaveri Chhetri

    The story of the unsung hero urmila sounds very interesting, infact when I started to read, I had to recall who urmila is in Ramayana but I remembered before u mentioned 😊.
    I am a little confused though, is this fictional like those of Amish’s books?

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu

    Except for Sita and Kaikayi no other woman is mentioned at length in the Ramayan. I am glad someone has written about Urmila, a character we hardly think about. Your post has made me curious to read about Urmila ad this book sounds like an engrossing read.

  4. Jasmine

    Urmila, a forgotten character had indeed played a big role and has given many sacrifices when Lakshman goes with Ram and Sita. She has slept for so long for the sleepless night of Lakshman. I learnt Today by your post that she protected the throne in absence of Ram. Loved reading ir blog

  5. Varsh

    Urmila’s character is often ignored in Ramayan. This book seems interesting since it highlights many unknown facets about it.

  6. Harjeet Kaur

    You are as strong as your greatest weakness has caught my attention and I am thinking about it. Great review !

  7. Zenobia Merchant

    Your review wants me to read this book. I recently read “Palace of Illusions” and loved the take of Draupadi on Mahabharata. This sounds like an interesrting and women perspective read on the ‘Ramayana’ as well.

  8. Ritu Bindra

    I had sworn off myth fics but your review is tempting me to check out the book. Loved the way you reviewed it, particularly the questions. I have always felt that Urmila is underrated.

  9. Madhu Bindra

    The book sounds very interesting. We usually read a lot about Lakshman but never about Urmila. I will surely pick it up. Thanks for sharing a detailed review.

  10. Swati Mathur

    I would like to know answers for all the questions you have asked , never thought but surely thought provoking. Garbing my copy right away. Thanks for the lovely review.

  11. Shail Thosani

    Ramayan has so many other sides to it and what is always broadcasted is the story of Ram and Sita. This book sounds very interesting and loved the concept. Your review is as always so well detailed.

  12. Sindhu Vinod Narayan

    Now this sounds like my kind of book.

  13. Sonia dogra

    Urmila is almost a forgotten character from Ramayana. Thank you for bringing this book here. It’s my kind of read.

  14. Meetali Kutty

    Sounds like an intriguing book, and one which draws a lot from mythology. Interesting, thanks for sharing.

  15. Monidipa Dutta

    I have heard of this book the forgotten princess. I would love to read this book. Nice recommendation.

  16. Jhilmil D Saha

    I have completely forgotten about Urmila’s character. It is so good to know that someone has written about her as well.

  17. Sadvika Kylash

    seems very interesting. Never known story. I have read and seen many but never i knew about Urmila

  18. Kashish Mahtani

    Love your choice in books! I used to be an avid reader until work took prominence. I’m slowly learning to get back into the groove.

  19. Abha

    Sounds like an interesting read. I would love to read this one.

  20. Pooja Jha

    In my childhood- I always thought what might have happened to Urmila in the kingdom and why didn’t she go with Lakshman and Sita, She always wanted to go with her husband and her beloved sister. Now that I have got to read this book. I will be reading this in one go, thank you so much for such detailed review without letting out any suspense or too much of the story inside. :-)

  21. Noor Anand Chawla

    I didn’t know any of this… Sounds fascinating!

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