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Weekend with ZEE5 – Here are the 5 reasons to watch Churail – A Zindagi show.

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After a long time, my Weekend was filled with a series filled with entertainment. Yes, The title intrigued me and the #MainChurailHoon on the search list made my whole weekend, I have been watching Churails, directed by Asim Abbasi on ZEE5.

It’s a team of women who decides to teach men the lesson of their lives. Yes, the Fierce, strong, courageous women who stand up for her rights against the odds of the society. It’s about the world where the CHURAIL Rules.

CHURAILS narrates the story of four self-proclaimed CHURAILS who come together to open a covert detective agency to expose cheating husbands amongst the city’s elite. As their operations expand, they come to be saviours of abused, harassed, and mistreated women. The story of strong women, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and sisterhood. It’s a story of Batool, Sara, Jugnu and Zubeida.

With an amazing storyline, it’s a fast-paced series that covers various issues such as Child Abuse, Gender Discrimination, Women Rights, Domination of the class and race and A lot more. It literally gave me Goosebumps. The gripping plot with a wonderful performance, It’s an encouraging series.

It has shown that reality, that Pain of people which each one of us can relate too. The encouraging and powerful dialogues associated with strong and empowered women. It covers various themes like Love, lust, Family, Relationships, disappointments, loss and a lot more.

With a fabulous Performance by each actor and a mind-blowing Cinematography and perfect location, this show is super hit.

Well, here are the 5 Reasons to love the Churails on ZEE5.

1: An Honest Show:

Yes, what I loved about this show is the Truth. It’s an honest show that shows the reality of all the women. I loved how the Women took charge of their lives, decided to form an agency and save the other Women. The dialogues, the drama, everything seems so honest and up to the mark. A show which we all can relate to.

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2: Strong and Fierce Characters:

Characters! We all have that one character from the show who becomes the show stopper for us. In this show, each one of them is my favourite. Each one of them has a unique personality, that connects the audience. Their thoughts, their lives, their personalities, we could relate to it all. I liked how they took charge of their life and decided to fight against the odds.

3: A Gripping Story-line:

It’s a show with an interesting and gripping storyline that will make you curious. Yes, each episode is Engaging filled with curiosity. A Show that will melt your hearts, a show that will make you angry, make you happy, all together. I liked how each episode is carefully done with the powerful dialogues. I fell in love with the art of storytelling here.

4: Fast-paced show with varied themes:

We all love a fast-paced show right? this show is a rollercoaster ride that will take you through varied themes and will show us the reality. The more you watch the more you’ll fall in love with them.

5: Characters:

The strong characters that will give you another reason to watch the show. 

Sarwat Gillani will be seen playing the role of Sara. An established lawyer who gives up her career to become a stay at home mother who looks after the family. When she finds out her husband is cheating on her, that’s when she decides to start her own Detective agency.

Yasra Rizvi will be seen as Jugnu, a socialite with alcohol addiction. She constantly has to fight the tag of a trophy wife that society puts on her and works as an event/wedding planner, before joining the detective agency. She is the one organising the finance and operations for the detective agency but she tries to hide her own problems with alcohol addiction.

Mehar Bano will be playing the role of Zubeida, an aspiring boxer from a poor household. She runs away from home to fulfil her dreams because her family refuses to let her become a fighter. She is also tough as nails and convinces the Churails to support more underprivileged women.

Nirma Bucha will be playing the role of Batool, a foul-mouthed ex-convict. She has served a term of 20 years in jail for killing her husband and can bring fear in anyone she wants to. Batool remains poker-faced and doesn’t speak much to hide her hurt from her past.

Apart from the four founders of the detective agency, Meher Jaffri will also be seen in this series as Laila, a tech geek. She is the hacker who helps the women find out hidden details about their clients and targets.

Well, these ladies will just win your hearts with their Power and Words. It’s an amazing show worth watching. Check this show on ZEE5.

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