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Hidden in the corners of Kandivali, This stall has lots of varieties, fusions and love. It is always good to get a variety of food, but it is super good when you have someone who could suggest you according to your taste, and you can have your choice of food. Mumbai Maize Mix is all you need to visit.Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

Well well nicely, Love sweet corn, Maggie or pasta? How approximately smoke tandoor salad? Tandoor chat or Nachos? yes, you heard proper. in case you need to flavour the style of Maggie, Pasta, this is the place that you should visit.
This one is at Patel Nagar in Kandivali which you would love to go to.

Mr Chandrakant Mane and his wife have this stall at Patel Nagar. They make super food.

Food that you Must Try here

Chat, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri are the Basic street food that is loved by Mumbaikars, But but, want to try something different? here’s the list of  Variety that you will surely love.

1: Smoke Tandoor Salad:
Love salad? How will it taste when it’s cooked on Tandoor? It’s just Amazing!!! The healthy Tandoor smoke Salad is worth trying. It has exotic vegetables with a wonderful taste. For a health conscious person, it’s a wonderful dish to try.

2: Smoke Tandoor Corn:
Masala Corn, Cheese corn is something very common, that we always have.  Try this Smoke tandoor corn which is again a fusion dish. Try it with various sauces and I am sure, You’ll Love it. Lots of cheese, vegetables and sauces, corn cooked on tandoor, tastes delicious.

3: Mongolian Maggie:
Check out forever Favourite maggie with different flavours. Mongolian Maggie is a treat for all the Maggie Lovers. Fusion of different sauces, flavours and vegetables is a tasty treat. One Must try this dish.

4: Hot Cheese Nachos:
How about Hot cheese Yummy Nachos? Does it sound Tempting right? Yes, one must try these Nachos, It’s just yummy to have it.

5: Alfredo Maggie
Delicious, yummy cheese Maggie is something you should not miss. it’s super amazing to have.

Their well-known dishes are Hot cheese Nachos, Hot cheese corn, Smoke tandoor salad, Smoke tandoor corn, Tacos, Tortilla Maggi.
Chipotle, Mongolian, Russian and various flavours are to be had there. There are lots of types to be had there. The rates there are economic.  want to try fusion? they’ll Make it. you’ll get the great Salad there. Jain meals are likewise available.
Mr and Mrs Mane are sweetest. they may provide you with fine tips for what you must try in step with your flavour.  The substances used are truly excellent and the food right here is super tasty.

The location is neat and easy, and there may be additionally sitting arrangement there. With food, even beverages and water are available there. Get the marvellous flavour of amazing exotic greens and lots of Cheese, Mayo in your meals. The stall opens at 4.30-5.00 pm and closes at 10-10.30pm. The location isn’t always much crowded. even though a road meals, there is cleanliness there.

If you’re a foodie and want to try fusions, sorts, You ought to visit this area. you’ll see the entire new sort of corns, pasta, salads, Nachos and our forever Favourite Maggie.  One needs to try Tandoor smoke salad there.  I’ve attempted Alfredo Maggie and I loved it. Many unique dishes are available there.Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai

When we asked Mr Chandrakant about his journey and Ideas behind this stall he said:
The idea of Mumbai maize mix came to my mind when I saw people were eating unhygienic food. and I thought they should eat something hygienic.this inspired me to make something healthy. and I thought to serve same healthy basic food to people as well.I started this business almost 2 years ago.

What is the key to success when communicating with the public.
understanding the need of the customer and provide them satisfaction.sometimes I explain my thoughts to them and they are convinced by my views.

 You have so many varieties of dishes, how you came to know about them?
firstly I created those dishes in my mind and then made varieties are always dependent upon customer requirements.

 What is success, according to you?
According to me. I’ll b successful that day when all customers will love my dishes…Money doesn’t matter but winning hearts is more important for me.

It is always fun visiting their stall. Mr and Mrs Mane are warm, always welcoming and fun to talk with.

This stall is 15 Min away from Kandivali west station at M.G Road.

Check their Facebook page here.

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  1. Smoke Tandoor Corn. That is an incentive for me to visit Mumbai one of these days. I frequently have cheese and masala corn. This one is new to me. Will try it out next time I visit Mumbai #Superbloggerchallenge2018 #Instacuppa

    1. vidhyathakkar

      yesss!! you should try it sir

  2. Snehal Joshi

    Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Mane for putting an effort to make good and hygienic food. I would surely want to know what exactly goes into that Mongolian Maggie… :p

    1. vidhyathakkar

      Hehe it has 3 different flavour of sauces and much more..

  3. Zainab

    Wow this post just got me drooling, I got my eyes set on hot cheese nachos!

    1. vidhyathakkar

      yayyy it is super cheesyyyy

  4. Mann

    I just love Tandoori food…you suggested many options up there. It’s good to see people These days are experimenting with flavours and we have options to choose from. Mumbai is far for me to try it soon but whenever I am there for a long stay I’ll check it out?

    1. vidhyathakkar

      Yes!! come here soon!!

  5. Namratha

    Tandoor salad and Mongolian maggi! Definitely sounds like a place we should go to atleast once! Reminds me of my local hangout where there was a unique dish called chips masala.. basically a chaat made out of fryums


    1. vidhyathakkar

      And now this dish sounds yummm

    1. vidhyathakkar

      Yes! and he is an amazing person to meet!

  6. Vartika

    Great post. I wish to fly to Mumbai immediately and try all these especially tandoor salad, corn and Maggi. Best thing I read today ?
    #SuperBloggerChallenge2018 #Instacuppa

    1. vidhyathakkar

      COme come!! we will explore many more things super soon!!

  7. okay, wow. Seriously. I had no idea of most of these. The smoked salads sounds like a brilliant ideas, as do the cheesy versions of our maggi 🙂

    1. vidhyathakkar

      Yess and trust me they taste superamazingg

  8. Lakshmi

    So tempted by the types of Maggi.. can’t wait to check out this place.

    1. vidhyathakkar

      Yes!! do visit! we will go together

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