Book Review: The Psalm for Us by Reyna Biddy

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Discover what feeds you and then learn how to grow it, water all that keeps u happy.

Author: Reyna Biddy
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing 
Rating: 4.5/5

Summary:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger MumbaiFrom the author of I Love My Love comes this spiritual inquiry in four parts – the blues, epiphany, prayer, and rebirth. A Psalm for Us is Reyna “Biddy” Mays’s soulful collection of prose, self-affirmations, spoken word poems, and short stories exploring questions of faith and self. 

The book is a combination of pros and poetries with different styles of writing. I really loved the book. It was as if someone is speaking what’s there In my mind. There are so many pages, lines that I find Inspiring in this book. There are poems, some pros where the author has explained her situations. There are chapters like happiness, sadness where the author explains the causes. There are poems of each type, every situation. Every word felt real and it was all relatable. It explained feelings that could not be explained, feelings that one could never put into words. Poetry itself conveys a lot more and the author successfully managed to convey her emotions well. This book is for someone who wants to seek answers, want to heal, want to come out from the worst situations. The pace of the story is good. It’s smooth and easy going. The tempo is also good as the book is divided into various sections, and each section had its own emotion, it’s own mystery, it’s own way of conveying emotions. The flow of the story is also smooth and continuous, there are long descriptions of the situations, explanations but again it all goes into a proper flow. It’s a collection of poetry with varying themes. HeartBreak, Love, Self-love, healing were few themes.

The cover of the book is something you will fall in love with. The title is also good. Overall, it’s a good read.

Anyone experienced hurt in any form could relate more to this collection of poetries. To me, it was a connecting, simple read with lots of emotions. I loved reading it.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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