A list of Favorite ones!

Books- something that takes us into a completely different world. I am a bookworm. More I see books, More I fall In love with each of them. Indian Literature is something I really love! Love stories are something that I pickup always! Among 125 books I have read, most of them have been Love stories.

Recently I added some new books to my shelf.
well sharing my favourite list of books, Stories written by Indian Authors.
1: This is not your Story- Savi Sharma
The story has inspired me to write my story and I am actually working on It! Apart from that, the story is really inspiring, tells about how you have the power to change your story of life, really powerful, life changing story.
2: Everyone has a story-Savi Sharma
This book has amazing inspiring lines that motivate. Travelogue is really amazing, so is the plot of a story. Loved This is not your story than this book more.
3: Right Fit, Wrong Shoe- Varsha Dixit
Crisp, clear and a cute love story. this book is something that will always be on my list. Really love the way everything is described, the way emotions are expressed.
4: And the reason is You- Upasna Gupta
Every girl will dream to have their partner like Sparsh. The simple and beautiful love story that touches heat.
5: You are my reason to Smile- Arpit Vageria
This book is really an interesting love story. a must read a story, full of mystery. the plot is really good and the book keeps us engaging. the book is full of interest on how much a person can do for love and go beyond boundaries. A must read tale in recent month.
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