A second chance – Lockdown on my mind.

A second chance – Lockdown on my mind.



Lockdown has been announced for 21 Days!!!

Remember the day when it was announced? when there was chaos all around when our life turned around completely and we started adjusting in this new lifestyle or the New Normal. For most of us, it was family all around, for some, they were alone, for some it was always working days were from home, or for some, it was a lil time to relax.

From listening to Radio on KUKU.FM to listing to the sweet voice of birds, with NO traffic around and my favourite book in hand, That’s how my days were.

With our lifestyles, even our perspective towards life, changed, isn’t it? We now find Joy in Mom’s food and our cooking experiments. We found pleasure in our evenings coffee by nature or doing lil gardening or reading our favourite book or playing Ludo with friends. Isn’t it?

Well well, even my days were the same, until I got my second chance. Yes, I have been working from home, concentrating on my blogging, my passion, but with time, I forgot what I truly loved. Yes, I started my career as a social media manager and with time, I became a trainer and a blogger. My love for the social media manager was long lost.

But during this period, I got a call from one of my friend, for handling their social media. That’s when I got my second chance. My love for planning strategies, creating graphics and managing handles was back.
Day by day, I started working more on it, trying hard to balance everything.

Be it blogging, handling social media or training, I tried balancing everything. This is the time, that taught me, how important family is, how important cousins are.

How every day, my day ends with my cousins and my parents, those ultimate discussions with my grandma on Mahabharata and Ramayana. I feel, my life seems perfect. Though it is still the same, the only difference is I am not going out. I have learned a new way to work from home. From cleaning our desk to making our lil working corner more happy one, I find peace.

Discovering our passion, doing what we love, and making something out of it has always been my Goal. During this period of Lockdown, I started Build your brand series where I want to share everything I know.
I know, its tough to be positive these days, we all face the same. Somewhere we are all hoping things to become normal soon. No doubt there are many many things available online to distract ourselves, but, does that give satisfaction? NO, it doesn’t.

That’s when #Positiveeverydayy challenge, my journal, came to my rescue. I started this challenge for myself, to start my day positively. After that, I started taking more interest in Journaling. This is the time where I rediscovered myself. I started writing for myself once again.

I started doing things, which I was passionate about once upon a time. And thus, I rediscovered myself in the times of Lockdown. Have you found something that you really love? That gives you peace? Share in comments. Are you happy with this New Normal Lifestyle?

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  1. Paresh Godhwani

    I am glad to read that you made most of your time during lockdown. As you got back to managing social media, kindly share some tips to create some awesome graphics.

  2. Monika

    Good to know that you got a second chance for your passion . You will make it to your best . Positive everyday journalling seems an interesting one . I would also like to follow it .

  3. Archana

    That, good to know Vidya that you have adapted the new normal so positively and trying all your best to cope up with it in the most creative way.

  4. Surbhi Prapanna

    Well I had quite busy schedule despite being lock down and we as a family trying to enjoy more quality time together. I agree with you, finding your passion and do what you love give an uttermost satisfaction and joy.

  5. Sudha

    It is the best time to stay positive by following a new hobby or pursuing your passion . Good to know you have begun journalling. It is the best way to put out your thoughts.

  6. PraGun

    Good to know, you refreshed your social media skills and utilized and balanced well with family time too. Keep up your passion. #Positiveeverydayy challenge seems fun, will surely check this.
    Yes, this lockdown did made us realize more about ourselves. I started writing more of poetry and verses during this lockdown and I’m completely loving every bit of it.

  7. Judy Morris

    I have been spending my time with my family more.. Pandemic on a very positive note gave me and my husband to be locked in the same house for more than a month.. the longest till date..

  8. Abhijit

    Lockdown has certainly made us rediscover our selves and tap talents that we thought never existed or were dormant.

  9. Neha Sharma

    Glad to know that this lockdown gave you a second chance to go back to what you loved doing. Also, how well you have adapted to the new normal. Lockdown has worked in favour of people who took it as an opportunity.

  10. Ghazala Naseem

    This Quarantine period is giving chance to do what we could not do earlier because of our hectic lifestyle.

  11. Gurjeet Chhabra

    I have learnt many things in lockdown. Cooking without fire, poem and many new recipes I tried .

  12. Noor Anand Chawla

    Nice post Vidhya. I too feel the same about lockdown.

  13. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    I really appreciate the positivity you have spread through your writing. I’m also trying to stay positive by recalling my things I loved to do once, besides my online classes, blogging etc.

  14. Nehal Roy

    Totally nice post Vidhya. I too have learnt some amazing things during this lockdown and have been so positive overall. Thats a lovely post.

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