Book Lovers- here are the 10 Bookclubs and Hashtags projects you need to Follow.

Book Lovers- here are the 10 Bookclubs and Hashtags projects you need to Follow.

Book Clubs and Bookish hashtags are helpful for readers. How? you must be thinking, Right?

There are so many book clubs to follow, hashtags to follow, which gives readers a chance to discuss books with the like minded readers. There are some amazing book discussions held by the group members which gives the reader a broader perspective.

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And the Hashtags, they help us discover new reads, meet new people.

Sharing some of the hashtags that I follow and the Book Clubs I love.

1 Sudha Murty’s Book Club:

My friend Kinjal Parekh and I have a Bookclub called Sudha Murty’s book club. Dedicated to her, there are readalongs happening and some wonderful discussions.

Check here: Sudha Murty’s Book Club


Another club by my dear Friend Samvedna. A big fan of Amitav Gosh, she keeps monthly readalongs. The current Book of the month is: The Gun Island by Amitav Ghosh published in the year 2019 from the genre Historical fiction is the latest book of the author.

Host of #amitavghoshbookclub

3: #MurakamiReadingClub

Are you a Murakami Fan? Do not DO NOT miss this club. A fun and vibrant club which discusses Murakami’s books. Another club by my dear friend Niki.

Host Bookclub #MurakamiReadingClub

4: Ruskin Bond book club

A Bookclub by @dhw_ani @bookshelfvirtual who started this club for the love of these books.

Check here:

5: Toni Morrison Book Club.

Toni Morrison Book Club by my dear friend Ayushi. Another wonderful club with some happening discussions. Do check it out.


Another project by my dear friend Nikita, that is to read the books that are not trending. check out his interesting hashtag.

Project Hashtag #ReadingNotTrending

7: #BestofIndianAuthors:

A recently started project by my dear friend Devanshi for supporting the Indian Authors. Do check it out.

8: #Bengalibookrecommendation

Another hashtag by my dear friend  Moumita who works on a hashtag project for Bengali Book recommendations.

Check here: #bengalibookrecommendation

9: The Non-Fiction Book Club 𝗼𝗳 𝗜𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗮 (The NFBCI)

A Community for non-fiction readers. Join here:

10: Underrated reads book club.

Reading hidden gems one book at a time

– hosted by @paperbacksandpen



Here are some clubs in India in the city you belong to:


Mumbai Bookstagram.

Broke Bibliophiles


The Jaipur Book Club


Book Club Manipur





Know any other Book clubs, Hashtag projects? Please let me know in comments.

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