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Let’s talk about Mood Reading.

Are you a Mood Reader? How is your Reading schedule these days? How are you selecting the books to read?.which book you would like to read from these.  A Mantra that you chant to be calm?.

What genres do you pick up when you are not in mood of reading or when you are in reading slump?

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What is Mood Reading?

Well well, Mood reading is when your reading depends on your mood. It can be multiple books at a time or no book at that time. It can be different genres at a time or different books of the same genre at a time.

How I discovered that I am becoming a Mood Reader?

Recently, with my busy schedules, I was not able to read much. I wanted to read but I had that urge of picking up a new book every time I decided to continue with my current read.

And that was the time when I picked up 4 books at a time, of different genres. I switched to each one of them, every time my mood changed.
That’s when one of my friend told me that I am becoming a mood reader.

This change in my pattern of reading helped me in some ways. Most importantly, I read something at the end of the day. Be it any book or be it at least 2 pages, I read. And it satisfied me at the end of the day.
To tell you the secret, I am enjoying this phase of mood reading. Though it’s lil difficult but then it’s helpful in calming my mind. By reading various genres and different styles of writing and pace, it is helping me to finish a few more books at a time.
I know, this is not going to last much, I know this pattern is going to end soon. Till then, let me enjoy this too.

Here’s the list of Books that I am reading. Plus plus the E- books Too.

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