You are currently viewing A Scrapyard Of Dreams by Dhruv Kumar – Book Review
A Scrapyard Of Dreams by Dhruv Kumar - Book Review

A Scrapyard Of Dreams by Dhruv Kumar – Book Review

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Author: Dhruv Kumar
Publisher: Notion Press

Writing Style


An amazing book that I will treasure forever.



•Maybe this is what loneliness looks like- where sun, moon and stars exist in unison, where every season blends into one another. •

We all pause for a while whenever we come across a micro fiction. Be it on social media or somewhere else, they have a special place, isn’t it?

Well, I was awake till 4, reading this masterpiece. A book that kept me awake, made me think as the book conveys something profound about humans and nature that made me feel unsettled, that made me look at the world differently.

@dhruvkumar_2920 ) Dhruv Kumar with his words takes the readers to the world of emotions. A Scrapyard of Dreams is a collection of Poems, Musings, flash fiction and short stories. It’s a blend of emotions, we witness in our daily life. The emotions we all go through.

With themes like loss, grief, death, memories, Dhruv beautifully pens it all. Each musing, each poem, or flash fiction, hits the right chord. They are going to leave you with a feeling of heaviness.

The candid and engaging writing style of the author adds magic to the book. Turn the page and witness a story of a few words. Each poem has a story to tell, a depth in them. Each musing will bring a smile on your face, the microfictions will make you wonder and not forget the bonus two short stories.

From the animals writing mysterious letters to humans to the river that forgets its path to the unsettled passenger, the blood, bank the author sheds light on some important topics.

What I loved most about the book is the words that the author chose. How amazingly he conveyed important messages with just a few words.

Some of my favourite poems from the book are The divine plan, words Vicious, Light, Shadows and darkness, The lost river, the thing that was stolen and the whispers of winds.

Pick up this book, read any page and you will witness a masterwork. Love reading microfictions or poems? Want to read something different? This is the book. Recommend for beginners who want to develop an interest in reading poetry.

An amazing book that I will treasure forever.

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