All you taught me

‘You’ – when it comes to you the thing which strikes on mind are ‘broken promises’
Yes,you taught  me that promises are meant to be broken.yyou taught me from now, not to love anyone unconditionally, not yo trust anyone.Yeah you also taught me to believe myself,but that belief was broken when you left,left me alone in dark. That belief build just took a second to break.
Someone have correctly said,
“Trust take years to built and seconds to break”
Well same happen with me, you taught that not to respect anyone’s feelings.Well the good part of story was the time spent with you.Cherish every single moment,every talks and yeah,our never ending fights.Life had given a beautiful chance to relive and decorate with smiles.
After all it’s a matter of heart! Wanted to fight for my Love, taste its faith but that faith ended being sour.
Even if it hurts; I’ll stay.I demand the love, pain along, 
 Now,all I do is cherishing the pain,hiding tears and having fake smile on face.people say m changed ! Yes, I am because somewhere you too wanted me to change .
They say, I am lost,yes I am !
Atlast ! Pain demands to be felt
Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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