Book Review: Be my perfect ending- Arpit Vageria

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That little thing in life is why we believe miracles Happen.
You can be loved by many people at many times but you’ll never be loved the same way twice.

Author: Arpit Vageria
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Ratings: 2.5/5


Not every story has a happy ending,Vidhya thakkar
but is a perfect ending all that matters?
Armaan is a young television writer and seems to have it all – a dream job, ample money and a good place to live in Mumbai. Despite all that, his heart lies somewhere in his hometown Indore.
Merry and beaming through all of life’s ups and downs, Sara is a little desolate and now needs a different space to rethink her life as she joins a leading television channel in Mumbai.
Armaan and Sara meet in FILMY style and quite obviously then, cannot help but fall in love. The passionate new romance in his life throws everything else aside, but little does he know that there’s a storm headed their way.
Walking together, they stumble upon long-buried truths, shocking new twists and tough decisions.
Be My Perfect Ending is a story of love that knows no bounds, of endings that are far from ordinary and new beginnings that hold a promise of LOVE.


Well I have read all the books of this author and ‘You are my reason to smile’ is my favourite book. I was so excited to read this book. Be my perfect ending is a story of Aarmaan and Sara, who met on a work project. It’s about a journey in the Television industry, Love, friendship and much more.
Well, I loved the cover and title of this book. It’s impressive. The read is good but was not upto my expectations especially after reading ‘you are my reason to smile’. I expected a strong plot this time. The story is good, but it would have been much better. There was no strong plot in this story, The characters lack depth. Though I loved Sara’s character again it was just a glimpse of it.  The plot was continuously switching which was creating confusion. I was not able to figure out and somewhere lost. There is too much of philosophy which again takes you off track from the story. There were some scenes which I loved it, Like Sandy’s mother scene, TRPs scene and many more, but at the time hated when there were too many philosophical talks in between. I was not well connected with the story. The end! I was confused and Had to read that chapter again to figure it out.  I also loved Aarmaan’s personality, Sara’s behaviour, Television scenarios and situations, TV industry reality and many more things.I tried hard, but could not connect with the book well. The tempo was simple, so was the pace, it was smooth and easy.

The language used was again simple, but not that interesting. The narration must be improved.
But at the end, You are my reason to smile will always be the best read than this book.

I expected more from this book. well once again , will wait for your next book :)

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this book from publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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