Book Review: Hit for s Six by Payal Dhar

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Author: Payal Dhar
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Ratings: 4/5


Laila, a spunky thirteen-year-old whose life revolves around cricket, is badly shaken when the cricketer she idolises admits to match-fixing. Can her hero’s betrayal and her love for the game coexist? Things get complicated further when she discovers that her school is going to be home to the town’s first ever girls’ cricket club.
Meanwhile, working on a school project about their town’s historical spots, Laila and her friends find themselves asking questions that seem unrelated at first but point to a mystery just begging to be solved. What is going on in Old Mister Marshall’s house? Who are the anonymous benefactors who have sponsored the renovation of Laila’s school? What why?
An exciting read about precarious friendships, cricket and a niggling mystery, Hit for a Six is sure to be a big hit.


The story revolves around Laila and her love for cricket. It’s about her idol who gets blamed for match-fixing after which she stops playing cricket. Things turn around when her school starts where she discovers that her school is going to be home to the town’s first-ever girls’ cricket club. Will she join? will she play cricket again?
Also, the story revolves around Pranati, Shalini, Jasmine, and Sameer. Her school project about their town’s historical spots gets them to Old Mister Marshall’s house. The house has much more mystery than ever. Just find it out!!!

I loved the plot. It’s amazingly full of suspense and surprises. First of all, The author has used simple and interesting language with which one can easily connect with. It’s a story of schoolgirls working on their project of Old Mister Marshall’s house where they discover the mystery. It’s a short book which won’t take much time and you’ll finish it in a go. I loved how the author narrated each and everything. Be it Mansion or cricket. One can easily visualize each and every single thing. I loved the Narration of the Mansion. How a small conversation and clearing out doubts can easily change a person and their relations. This is what I learned. How Laila and Jasmine talked about their secrets and their equation changed and they became friends. The trio of Pranati, Shalini and Laila was also Interesting. The Ragging scene, cricket match, mystery and much more interesting elements were added by the author. The pace of the story is good, so is the tempo. The author also managed to create strong characters. The writing style of the author was impressive and interesting.
Overall it’s a small, witty read full of Mysteries.

The book is for teenage or young and school going readers.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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