Book Review- Letter Musings by Aaryan Rai Rathi

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Oh destiny, how can I be happy?
To this she said
“You can be,
Only if you choose to be”

Author: Aaryan Rai Rathi
Publisher: Partridge
Ratings: 4/5


Thoughts, experiences, incidents, memories . . . These continuously flow in and out of one’s mind. These don’t leave until you give them justice. And often, a writer wants to give them a shape. A paper and a pen help crystallize the emotions, feelings, and imaginations. It is often a way to talk to and hear oneself in the midst of all the cacophony.

This book is a collection of poems that maps a journey of various thoughts Aaryan Raj Rathi has had over the years, what they signified to him, and how he envisioned them.
This is a key to his heart, mind, and soul. 


This is the book full of poems that one can fall in love with. It’s collection of 29 beautiful poems based on various themes.The author beautifully managed to portray each and every emotion very well.  The book is divided into three parts. Feelings and emotions, Events, incidents and experiences, and thoughts and Imagination.
There are so many beautiful poems from trees to war, from mother to destiny, from the poem on world war to the poem dedicated to grandmother.  Each poem has its own pace, it’s own tempo and it’s own identity. each one is special on its own. The author used simple language which one can easily connect with. each poem has its own depth.
I loved the destiny bond poem very much. It has so many emotions in it.  The author has put his heart into this book.
Well, If you love reading poems, just go for this book!

You can get your copy here.

*** I received this copy from publishers in exchange for the honest and unbiased review.***

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