Book Review: Reminiscence by Devika Das

If none tries to break this knot,
we will be friends forever.

Author: Devika Das
Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers
Rating: 3/5

reminiscence- Devika Das review by Vidhya Thakkar


Reminiscence is a collection of poems reflecting the poet’s learning from her experiences. The poems are an assortment of style and genre without restricting to a specific tone and style. The poet ha

s exercised freedom in depicting various aspects of our life along with the importance of nature and other living beings. The poems have a sweet blend of rhythm and blank verse to avoid monotony.


Reminiscence is a beautiful collection of 35 wonderful poems. It comprises of various topics, from love to war, friendship to a relationship and a lot more. every poem has its own style, it’s own tone. She created magic in each of her poems. The language used by the author is simple and connecting. one can easily connect with what they are reading. I loved Grey days, and Life poem the most. There are so many beautiful poems like a blind window, brother, life of a tree and many other Interesting topics. the author has left no stone unturned in making this book a beautiful read. it’s an easy read which will make your day.
A short read with some wonderful meanings.

If you like reading poems, Go for it!

You can get your copy here.

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