Book Review: The one from the Stars by Keshav Aneel

Dear Daddy, you for me forever Czar!

There was a time when I was born a star.
A happy day was when I did you proud,
When you could say you love me aloud!


Vishesh is a dreamer, who is driven by his passion for writing and words. But his parents never supported him for writing, they wanted him to get settled with a government job. For his father, his status in society was much important than his son’s dreams. Despite all obstacles, making no complaints, he continued to follow the hard path, holding up the promise he had made to himself, trying to fulfil his father’s wishes, and failing over and over.

He then too never left his passion and completed his book which every publishing house rejected and refuse to publish

His parents, friends and love of his life everyone left his side. He was also diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, the seriousness of which nobody could decipher before it’s too late.

After failing to his father’s expectations he finally decides to leave home. he had his own life where he was all away from the world, from his passion, from his friends. While he was gone, his father came to know about his mistakes when he saw poems written by Vishesh. His songs were now heard by everyone, his friends published his book but where was he, no one knew.

Isolated from everyone Vishesh was there in Karsog After which he went to Nepal.He again started doing street plays but no one wanted to see. He didn’t give up and every day he use to do his play in Jungle where his audience were some monkeys and deer. One day when Dhruv his best friend visited Nepal he heard the screams and lines and prayed that it was Vishesh. Finally, he found out Vishesh after ten years. He then brought Vishesh to India. It was in college reunion where Dhruv took Vishesh where he invited Vishesh father too. When his father saw, he was now in guilt that he never trusted his child, and never let him allow to do things he wanted to. 

Vishesh was then in America, was a successful speaker, blogger, and a teacher.


The Book has been written beautifully. It feels like we’re connected and imagining situations happening in the book. It is Inspiring one. yes, the message to never give up on your dreams, your Passion has been beautifully given. The journey of Vishesh, how every middle-class boy goes through this pain of living up to their parent’s expectations, sacrificing their dreams, their passion. Living life on terms and conditions that parents have set and not complaining to them. 

Despite all restrictions that Vishesh had from his parents, he use to read books and write poems. He finished his first book sacrificing everything. His love, his friends, just everything.  Passion never dies though you’re away from it. yes after leaving home when Vishesh decided never to read, write poems, plays he was running away from his passion. While on the other hand his book got published by his friends and was best-selling.
How friendship never die though you’re away from your friends, How Passion never fails, How much it costs to follow your heart, Running away never works, it’s all about having faith in yourself. Marks don’t define person’s destiny but their work does. I read this book in one go and trust me I could feel how Vishesh was going through. A plot is designed beautifully with right words at right time. It had everything from Inspiring lines to beautiful poems, Love, friendship, faith, anger, and reunion. A complete package. A super amazing story that I would like to read again.
A must read book with a beautiful message of never giving up on your passion, on your dreams.

Truly Passion Rules us All, Always.

Author: Keshav Aneel

Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Rating: 5/5

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