Book Review: Starting a Successful Blog and 7 blogging challenges by Dr. Amrita Basu

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Challenge your brain and keep dementia away.

Author: Dr Amrita Mishra
Rating: 5/5

Starting a Successful Blog and 7 blogging challenges are the two books written by Dr Amrita Basu. It is better to have a guide before starting your journey, these books are a perfect Guide for the new Bloggers.

Book 1: Starting a Successful blog

This book tells about the blogging secrets which will help one to build their blog. Topics like how to make the content plan to how to use social media and SEO in an effective way, how to take your Blog to the next level and many other topics are discussed by the author in a crisp way.Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai, Book blogger India, lifestyle blogger, product reviewer

The language used by the author is simple and easy. The writing style of the author is Lucid and apt. One can easily understand the tricks and the technical knowledge that the author gave in this book. The narration of the book is outstanding and is properly categorized. The step by step Information makes it easy for the reader. The author has explained each and every concept is explained in a simple way.

The author has shared the SEO knowledge in a wonderful way. The super-guidelines on the cease of the book had been like the cherry on the cake. A must-read book for each and every blogger. The book is well researched and detailed. There are so many new things to learn from this book. It is an entire manual to the blogging adventure.
Want to enhance your blogging skills? go for it. It is the book each and every blogger should read.

You can get your copy here


I never knew such challenges exists before reading this book. The first blogging challenge that I took was the Super Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai, Book blogger India, lifestyle blogger, product reviewerBlogger Challenge. Later I came to know about other challenges after which I participated in #MyFriendAlexa challenge by BlogChatter. All the Credit goes to the author.

To grow a blog, as well as yourself as a blogger it’s far essential to analyze. With this book you’ll not only learn about challenges, you’ll additionally discover ways to manage them. The language used by the author is simple. The writing style is smooth and apt.

The guidelines that the author gave are unique and up to the point. The narration is crisp and easy to understand. It is like a motivation for all the new bloggers. the author has provided details in a superb manner.

Each and every blogger Must read these books.

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  1. Vartika Gakhar

    As the book is by Dr. Amrita, I am sure it’s a great read. Its already on my bucket list to read, your excellent review made me read it sooner.

    1. vidhya thakkar

      its amazinnggg

  2. Anupriya

    Amrita has been working relentlessly to help fellow newbie bloggers. And this book is a milestone in that direction.

  3. Bushra

    Yeah I’ve read this book of Dr Amrita and definitely recommend to Bloggers who are looking for quick tips. #myfriendalexa #dewreads

    1. vidhya thakkar


  4. Nidhi Rawal Gautam

    Seems interesting

  5. Nihar Pradhan

    This kind of books are so useful for the new comers and with the rich experience of Dr. Amrita gone into it, only nuggets of wisdom will be available to the reader.
    The quick tips are so essential.

  6. Paresh Godhwani

    I have read both the books and they are amazing. I love the way Dr. Amrita has shared her journey in both the books. There is a lot to learn from her.

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