Book Review: On the Open Road by Stuti Changle

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Somewhere between right and wrong, the past and the future, there lies a ‘now’. Don’t let it go. for now often leads to a new road!. If you’re still unsure about what you want to do, let yourselves loose on the open road. you will come back with an answer.

There has to be something, a person or endeavour, that you can call yours in this life! You’re certainly lucky if you’ve both.

Author: Stuti Changle
Publisher: Invincible Publishers.
Rating: 4.5/5

Review:Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger Mumbai, Book blogger India

On the open road, is a story of Myra, Kabir and Sandy. Each one of them has their own struggles, their own reasons, but have a common dream, to have their own start-up. Myra- a developer, Kabir- Who runs his family Business, Sandy- who leaves college to work on his startup creating Apps, which isn’t successful. Will they step out of their comfort zone? will their dream of a startup come true? And there’s Ramy- who inspires millions from his blog, but no one has seen him, who is he?  There’s lot more to know.

First of all, I love the title and the cover. It’s super attractive. The plot of the story is amazing, I loved how it has so many twists and turns. The narration of the story is Crisp and smooth. I loved how the author narrated everyone’s struggle in a wonderful way. The way the author projected the situation, mindset of youth, thinking of families and social culture is commendable. She wonderfully narrated the battles, the social taboos. How women entrepreneurs are not encouraged, how startup ideas are rejected, how the struggle is.  The language used by the author is fresh and simple. The author has narrated the reality, that is something I loved the most. The pace of the book is little slow, but then it’s worth. The way all three met, the way they portrayed their idea is amazing.

Also also, the author wonderfully appraise the power of Social Media.  The flow of the book is smooth. one can easily connect with the story from the very first page. The characters that the author developed were amazing. I loved Mr Kashyap’s character the most. Well, each and every character had their own way of thinking, their own mindset, and the author portrayed it in a strong and beautiful way. The story as it proceeds becomes Interesting, and the end is something unexpected, something we cannot think of when it came to who is Ramy. There are various themes that you’ll notice. Love, heartbreak, friendship, depression, fear, ego, Suspense and lot more.

Well, it’s the most inspirational read in form of fiction. There are so many inspiring lines, phrases which I loved. Overall, Its a wonderful book with a strong plot, crisp narration, simple language and amazing characters.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received the copy of the book from the author in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

‘Unputdownable, lively and fast-paced, it promises to inspire the youth to pursue their dreams.’ -Ashish Kashyap, founder – Goibibo & redBus ‘The book reflects you and me. A great group of characters who bring life into a great story. It’s a must-read.’ -Neha Hinge, Actress & Miss India 2010 ‘A moving inspirational fiction story on startups.’ – Vikas Kumar, founder and editor at herSagaMyra wishes to break free of her cubicle. Kabir wonders what life would be to build on his own. Sandy drops out of college to work on the next big startup idea.Ramy inspires millions of his generation on his travel blog-on the open road. on the open road-THREE LIVES, FIVE CITIES, ONE STARTUP, revolves around the lives of these restless and dreamy 20-somethings as they battle their inner demons and the societal taboos to live life on their terms. It is an emotional journey of following one’s heart. The journey entails undying friendship, love and loss, happiness and depression, fear and conquest, dreaming and achieving. Will they be able to embark on the hard yet empowering journey to startup a company? Or succumb to the hardships on their road to freedom?

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