Book Review: The Night Ferry – Konrad Simonsen

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Author: Konrad Simonsen
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Rating: 5/5


A riveting crime novel from the internationally bestselling authors of The Hanging and The Girl in the Ice–the fifth book in the Konrad Simonsen series.

Sixteen children and four adults are killed in a devastating boat crash in Copenhagen. Detective Chief Superintendent Konrad Simonsen is called in, only to discover that this was no accident and that one of the passengers has a very personal connection to the homicide team.

Reeling from this revelation and not knowing who to trust, Simonsen follows a trail that eventually leads him to Bosnia and a network of criminal misconduct. All evidence points towards one shady figure: a high-ranking army specialist with a suspicious past. But the more Simonsen digs, the further the truth slips from his grasp.


First of all, I loved the cover and the title of the book. It’s super attractive. The book is so engaging. I loved how the plot is set. It’s amazing. The way it had twists and turns, every chapter completing the puzzle, was something I loved. It’s a super engrossing read. The narration that the author gave was simply crisp, simple and smooth. One can easily connect with the book from the very first page. The book has 74 chapters and each chapter has its own importance. I loved how the investigation was made. How there were twists and turns with every page. This book had strong characters. It has mystery, crime, suspense, everything. Well, it was a bit heavy read but then a fast-paced one.  The flow of the book was also crisp and smooth. The language used by the author is simple. I loved the writing style. I loved how events were taking place.

I loved how the author described each and every scene beautifully with so many twists. This book something different from the thriller books that we read. The backdrop, the narration, the plot, characterization, language, everything was on point.

It was my first read of this author and I am loving it. It’s super impressive. it is the best detective crime fiction book.  If you love reading mystery, thriller, Go for it. It’s a real page-turner.

You can get your copy here.

*** I received the copy of the book from the publishers in exchange for honest and unbiased review***

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