Crossword Bookstores plays host to glorious, celebrated cordon bleu Shipra Khanna.

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12th Feb 2018 

The pages of Masterchef Shipra Khanna‘s latest book open to reliable advice. Have a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil in the morning to keep your skin beautiful. Now that’s just the kind of tip one is looking for, easy to do, with great benefits too!Vidhya Thakkar, blogger, Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, Press release

With her new book, ‘Super Foods for Awesome Memory‘, MasterChef Shipra Khanna weaves an eloquent web of advice and recipes that are intensely beneficial to our daily lives. Kunal Vijayakar, a well-known food writer, did the honors at Crossword Bookstores, Kemps Corner.

Take for instance, her avocado sushi, which transforms the Vit C& B rich, powerhouse fruit into a bite-size starter that’s great for memory.  Or well-researched tips  such as ‘chicken is rich in choline and protects your brain from the effects of ageing’, or that ‘extra virgin oil contains polyphenols that improve learning and memory.’

The best thing about this book is that Shipra Khanna doesn’t ask you to take anything for granted- she backs up every suggestion with solid scientific basis.Vidhya Thakkar, blogger, Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, Press release

Check out this excerpt “Coconut oil contains short and medium chain fatty acids that help in shedding excessive weight.”

In her own candid words,

“I’ve lived a life that’s been good, bad and ugly in parts, but cooking was the constant. My kitchen gave me so much peace and tranquillity that it served as my sanctum sanctorum. For me: Good Food equals No Compromise. I never served food that wasn’t perfect by my standards, and I never will. Thankfully these standards are always on the rise! From childhood, my life journeyed through food. I truly don’t know where I would be without it. It’s all I really know how to do!”

Masterchef Shipra Khanna is recognized as one of the top Indian celebrities. She has been working extensively in India and across the globe. Her love affair with cooking began at the age of nine. Her specialty is Global cuisine, Indian, baking, desserts and fusion food. 

Commenting on the launch, Maulik Desai, Head Crossword Bookstores gives perspective, “ Cook books are a part of our non-fiction category and we have seen that the book sales of India’s top chefs are in huge demand. Indians like to try out different varieties. Crossword welcomes Shipra Khanna and honours her work in making Indian food a household name across the world.”

With shows around the world, Shipra  has travelled globally, propagating Indian food. After “Sinfully yours” and “The Spice Route”, ‘SuperFoods for Awesome Memory’ is Shipra Khanna’s third book. The book has a very global approach to nutrition, from nuanced Indian recipes to hardcore international spices.

It’s a gastronomic joy ride you must go on.

The release of the book was followed by a masterclass conducted by the author along with a conversation with Kunal Vijayakar.

“I have gone through the book and I must confess one thing that we have a lot of books about how to maintain physical health, how to loose weight but nobody till now has dealt with mental health & memory. The book is beautifully published. The pictures are really nice. The recipes in the book are easily do-able. Congratulations to Shipra for such an awesome book” said much-loved foodie Kunal Vijayakar.

The book is published by Rupa Publications India.


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