Death & Dishonor by Abhimanyu Saxena, Tanmoy Basak- Book Review

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Life questions every second and you should always be ready to justify your actions

Author: Abhimanyu Saxena, Tanmoy Basak
Publisher: Kalamos Publishers
Rating: 4/5


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Death & Dishonor by Abhimanyu Saxena, Tanmoy Basak is a story of Arjun Rathore who fights for justice for his friend. It’s a story of Justice, thriller and a mystery.

The cover and the title of the book is attractive. I loved it. The plot of the story is interesting full of twists and turns. The narration of the story is engaging. I loved the way the author kept the suspense throughout making the reader curious to know what will happen next.

One can relate to the story from the very first page. Themes like Love, mystery, Thriller, Fun are used by the author. The author expressed each and every emotion wonderfully. The way the author sequenced every event is commendable.

In the middle, the author suddenly shifted the plot to a completely different story from the past confused me. The switching plots from past to present was something that I did not like as It was a bit difficult to connect with the present plot.

The language used by the author is simple and apt. The writing style of the author is crisp and gripping.
The drama and dialogues keep the reader hooked throughout.  With each chapter, the mystery unfolds making the readers think what will happen next. This book has fun, suspense, love, drama, politics everything.

The character development done by the author is wonderful. Each character had a vital role to play. The way the Arjun planned the revenge is mind-blowing. Tia’s skills, Pratap’s friendship, and a mysterious plot, everything is just amazing.

At some places, there are too many details shared by the author which makes it a bit tedious. It’s a fast-paced book with a smooth flow. The blurb of the story is captivating. Its a quick read.

It’s an amazing story with an interesting plot and crisp narration. If you love reading a thriller, do not miss this book.

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