You are currently viewing Featuring Etoile Crafts & String-A-Long for setting a perfect corner – #Myfriendalexa

Featuring Etoile Crafts & String-A-Long for setting a perfect corner – #Myfriendalexa

It’s my 3rd or Maybe 4th Alexa season and this time I wanted to do something Different. This time, I will be writing about growing Businesses on Instagram and about their work. These are the creative accounts that you’re going to love. They have unique products that will help you in setting up a perfect corner for yourself.

From Gifting to Home decor, these are some amazing brands that you’re going to fall in love with. So let’s being this challenge, featuring all the artists and accounts that make our home look beautiful or will give you some perfect Gifting options.

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Etoile Crafts

Etoile Crafts, an NCR based Crafts studio run by Monika and Kavya. They both are full time IT professionals, but their souls crave for everything creative and handmade so squeeze time on weekends and after office to follow our passion. They both have been art enthusiasts since forever, now giving shape to our longing dream.

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They have a variety of products, from wall hangings to fridge magnet, office desk frames, coasters, key holders, nameplates, photo gift albums, photo holders, coffee mug holders, and much more.  Each product is customizable as per the customer’s choice.  All the products are curated with lots of love and care, and they all are one of a kind.

They are solely managing everything from procuring raw materials to dispatching orders.

We put our piece of heart in each piece curated for our patrons. We are exploring more each day and thriving to give our best to our patrons that they can cherish for a long time.  Monika and Kavya

You can check Their work at: 


String-A-Long by Sushmita creates art with strings and nails that can be personalised as name boards, artworks, and even photo frames to brighten your living space. Homemade, uniquely handcrafted decor & gifts that you will love.

String-a-long, strings, string art, handmade, gifting options, home decor, small businesses, making small strong

String-A-Long was Started in November 2018, Sushmita use to work as a UI designer and Soon had to leave the job because of motherhood duty calls. Soon she had the urge to experiment with handmade cards but found her calling with string art, Made with cotton and woollen strings.

It’s been two years, and I am falling in love with strings and nails each day, making it a masterpiece – Sushmita – A Mom, founder of String- A- Love and a superwoman!

Check her work here:

These Superwomen are making a difference with their art of gifting. The unique products that will bring a smile on our face or the ones you’re gifting too. Sending lots of love and positive vibes to you’ll.

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  1. Amritha Srinath

    Wow Vidhya, both the brands seem to be highly creative. I would love to try the nameplate from etoile crafts and for my kids I would love to have the string art on their walls from String- A- Love!
    I love your topic for this Alexa Season. Being vocal for local is the need of the hour. I would love to read all your recommendations.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Yesss!! Thank Youu

  2. Sitharaam Jayakumar

    Those are two excellent set of entrepreneurs you have introduced us to. The products they make seem to be simple but very interesting.

    1. Vidhya Thakkar

      Yes! Thank You so Much!!

  3. Nitisha

    Wow Vidhya, both the businesses sound really awesome. I am definitely checking them out.

  4. Cindy Dsilva

    Wow an art with strings and nails. That’s so economical and easy. Will let my daughter check this post out. She loves all sorts of crafts.

  5. Nupur

    Ok, I just realised that I’ll just have to save all your MyFriendAlexa posts! haha.. great ideas on this and the buddha bowl

  6. vartika

    Love the theme of sharing about the businesses and supporting them. I’m a sucker for creativity and love both these accounts, some really amazing art work.

  7. Chinmayee Gayatree sahu

    What an interesting post! Technology is changing so fast and so are the way it is getting integrated into our lives. Thanks for introducing such entrepreneurs to us. A lot of kudos to passionate people like the IT professionals or the housewives who in spite of daily grind create such valuable stuff and offer to the market.

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