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Featuring XoxoxbySakshi & Littlepoppypress – #MyfriendAlexa

And here we go with two different and interesting brands. Do you love suii dhaga gifts? or ever imagined an art created with Suii dhaga? or or postcards, stickers and snail mail, aren’t they fun options for gifting?

Today, featuring Featuring xoxoxbySakshi & Littlepoppypress. Two different and unique brands that you are going to love. Let’s hear it from the founders, what made them start?


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 I’ve always had a knack for art and craft and somewhere in the middle of making customised gifts, this happened. The whole idea of suii&dhaaga is such a beautiful part of the Indian culture, it is desi in the truest sense ???? Every time I make a hoop, I try and learn a new weave, a new pattern, a different approach. Within those small wooden hoops, there’s a whole world worth of learning. That keeps me going. I truly love that. Embroidered wall hoops, Chocolates, Gifts and lots of art & craft. 


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Check her work here


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 I have this unending love for stationery. And I am not a hoarder. I enjoy using good things. If you ask me, I actually earn money so that I can spend it on travel and stationery – my husband will vouch for this because I don’t have any other crazy expenses LOL.

I had a few ideas on what are the kind of things I want which can help me in my journaling and writing letters/postcards (often called penpaling and Postcrossing). Which made me design my own portfolio. Which is what I bring here, at Little Poppy Press – my world and happy place.

~ Megha

Check her work here

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    I totally love stationery and DIY stuff, thanks for sharing this. Will check these out.

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