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From Bookstagram to Lifelong Friends: Meet My Girl gang of Bookstagram

As we reach letter G, today I won’t be sharing about books but about the people whom I met through books. In these 6 years of book blogging, I met many people who have appreciated me and gave me lessons too. Bookstagram is not just a platform for showcasing stunning book photography or sharing book reviews, it is also a community of book lovers from all around the world who connect over their shared love for reading. Through Bookstagram, I was fortunate enough to come across a wonderful group of like-minded women who not only shared my love for books but also became my closest friends.

The best part of Bookstagram is that it brings people from different corners of the world together. We come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, but our love for reading connects us on a deeper level. Through Bookstagram, I found my tribe, my girl gang, who share my passion for reading.

Our group started with just a few likes and comments on each other’s posts, but soon we started chatting on DMs and eventually, we formed a close-knit group. We not only share our love for books but also our life stories, experiences, and interests. We have become each other’s support system, cheering each other on through life’s ups and downs.

Through this blog, I want to introduce you to the wonderful women who have become an integral part of my life. They have become my sisters, my confidants, and my inspiration. Each one of them brings their unique perspective and insights, making our discussions on books and life-enriching and enjoyable.

I hope this blog will inspire you to connect with other book lovers on Bookstagram and find your own tribe. Who knows, you might find your own girl gang who will become your lifelong friends.

1: Richa Sharma – @Creaty_Rich

2: Purnima Dubey – Misscuriousnerd

3: Neelam Sharma – Booxoul

4: Sameeksha – sameeksha_reads

5: Siddhi Palande – Book_Gobbler

6: Kinjal Prekh – ReadwithKinjal

7: Anushree Saha -MyWordBubble

8: Nitisha – Our_readingjourney

9: Devanshi Sanghani – Wandering_Diaries

10: Adhrin – TheSanedreamer

11: Muskaan – sparetimer866

12: Chaitra – bookswithchaipai

13: Kriti – Literarycritic123

14: Anjali – Booksxp

15: Priya Yadav – bookscoffee__

16: Trinanjana – just_another_aspirant

17: Samvedna – samvedna_

18: Manya – markbymanya

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