Some helpful tools for blogging – #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

Vidhya Thakkar- Indian blogger, Mumbai blogger, book blogger, Book blogger MumbaiKeeping Caption and pictures on point is always a tough game. Everyday to think for unique content, to edit pictures, to add them regularly is one of the though tasks for a blogger. These are few apps and tools that one need to use, it’s going to make blogging easy:

1: Grammarly:
Check spellings, grammatical errors here. This is the easiest app. you can add extension or download for windows for checking grammar.

2: Klout:
Know what’s your social media score here. yes, Klout gives you an average of your social media activities. Another thing that Klout is useful is for content. yes, you get exquisite content material hints. Twitter accounts one must follow and many more.

3: Picsart, Snapseed, Photoshop:
Editing is the most important aspect.  Everyone usess different apps for editing. I edit my pictures on Instagram itself.
Play with brightness, contrast, effects, highlights to get the best output of pictures. Apps you can use for editing are Picsart, Photoshop, Snapseed, which have some wonderful effects, brushes you can work with.

4: Iconosquare:
This is the app where you can schedule your posts for Instagram. They suggest best timings, effects and provides reports for your Instagram account. This app can be operated from the phone as well as Pc.

5: Gramblr:
Everyone struggles when it comes to transferring images from Pc to phone and then upload on Instagram. Right?
Here’s an app that you can use to directly upload and edit an image from PC. Gramblr! yes, you can download this application on Pc and simply upload the image from PC. You can also schedule your posts, manage multiple accounts from here.

6: TweetDeck:
Want to schedule tweets? use TweetDeck to schedule your tweet, make twitter teams, groups. it’s a user-friendly site which you can use to schedule your tweets.

7: Giphy:
Want to add gifs to your Facebook page? Giphy is all you need. It’s simple and easy to use. add gifs instantly on your facebook.

8: SmallTools. com:
Need to improve in search engine optimization? want to test Moz ranks? this is the tool you have to use.

9: Unfold app:
Want creativity on your Instagram, Facebook stories? this is the app you should use. it gives you variety of templates that you can use in a story.

10: Canva:
Want to design a social media post? Canva comes to your rescue. Design beautiful brochures, templates, posts for social media here. You’ll get 10000+ layouts and templates here.

11: Smartseotools .com
This app comes on your rescue when it’s about rewriting an editorial. understand approximately about search engine optimization, ranks and lot more. Check plagiarism, backlinks and other SEO aspects here.


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  1. Mann

    Wow…very informative post.? I got to try iconosquare. I was thinking about it lately.

  2. Mann

    Wow…very informative post.? I got to try iconosquare. I was thinking about it lately. #SuperbloggerChallenge2018

    1. vidhyathakkar

      Yay!! thank you! Try Gramblr too!

  3. zainab

    wow this post is awesome. I ‘m saving it and probably downloading them all LOL


    1. vidhyathakkar

      hhehe great!! thank youu

  4. Namratha

    Very useful for bloggers. Canva is my personal favorite and I do have the free version of grammarly.


    1. vidhyathakkar

      yep! check gramblr too!

  5. Wow.. that is very informative post Vidya. I use canva, snapseed, grammarly but have to try your suggestions on seo.

    1. vidhyathakkar

      yeppp!! Thank you

  6. Khushi Giri

    Gramblr is so good.
    Thanks bro
    you are a life saver

    1. vidhyathakkar

      yes yes! it is!!

  7. Neha Tambe

    That is a nice handy list to have when you are getting started in blogging and social media

    1. vidhyathakkar

      Thank you

  8. Vartika Gakhar

    Very informative article Vidhya. Being new to blogging world, I think I am going to try all these 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Manpreet

    Great post. I havent used all of the tools from the list – have used Grammarly, and Klout.
    I want to try Gramblr.

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