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Interview with Aarushi Jain – Author of 30 Times When Your Conscience Needs You

About The Author

Aarushi Jain is a 19 year old Author and a Freelance Writer. Coming from the city Chandrapur, she has always been hustling for expanding her horizon and pushing her limits. With an aim to spread optimism and hope through her words, Aarushi started up with a page called – @penned__ideas which now is a community of 590 plus genuine readers who love reading her articles and poetries. She has her 12 articles published in The Hitavada newspaper and a Haiku in Teen Ink International Magazine based in Georgia. After being interviewed and featured in India Today Aspire, Radio Mirchi 98.3, 93.5 Red FM and 92.7 Big FM, Aarushi poured in her perspective of life into her first book titled : “30 Times When Your Conscience Needs You” which though, is an English book, but was translated and published in Hindi language too due to excessive demand from her Readers. Both the editions of her book are available on Amazon, Flipkart and Notion Press Online Store and have been receiving amazing reviews from readers. Aarushi believes in the power of positivity and aspires to reflect the same through her writings. As a Freelance Content Writer, Aarushi has a page :@sprinkled_insights on Instagram wherein she is currently working with 10+ businesses across the country. In a world where rumours are spread like a wildfire, Aarushi aims to spread optimistic approach and leaves no platform unattended, be it print media or electronic media to connect with maximum people and make them understand her perspective towards life.


Q) Tell us about the idea behind the book?

I’ve been writing articles & poetries with a motive of spreading hope and optimism through my words since years and this book: “30 Times When Your Conscience Needs You” is a collection of 30 chapters wherein I’ve described 30 different life experiences that every individual comes across and portrayed my perspective of looking at them in an optimistic way. Through my book, I want to make readers realise in the power of perspective and change their approach of looking at things around them.

Q) If you have to write any other genre, than this one, what that would be?

Non-Fiction and Self-Help, to be precise, has been the only genre I’ve written and I had never in my dreams thought of experimenting with some other genre until I wrote and shared a few stories for toddlers & adolescents on my website. The overwhelming love I received from the readers pushed me to write Fiction and thus, it would be Children’s stories that I would be writing next.

Q) How much time did it take in the process of writing?

I started writing this book in the month of March,2020 exactly when the lockdown started and it took me almost 15 months to finally complete my book and I am glad it took me this much time as with time, I realised my perspective over certain things and situations had changed and thus I could express my thoughts more clearly.

Q) What did the process of writing this book teach you?

Patience. I have always been an overly impatient writer since day one as I believe in racing against time and writing and sharing the soonest I can. But when I started writing my first book, I realised, good things actually take time. They need your time, efforts, patience and dedication to be poured in, that too, in equal proportions and that is how you get the outcome of your dreams. As I was reaching the verge of finishing my book, suddenly it made me realise that this blissful journey is going to end which then, I was yearning not to. 30 Times When Your Conscience Needs You turned a writer into an Author and thus, this book will always be close to my heart.

Q) What inspired you to write this book?

As a writer, spreading hope and optimism has been my sole motive of writing articles and poetries & this is why I started up with @penned__ideas on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. I always wanted to write a book as I knew it is an Author I want to be by profession, but somehow felt something missing. It was about two years ago, when my grandfather, Shri. Satpal ji Jain who is also an Author, suggested me to write a book. He said – “a Writer can’t travel places to spread their message, but it is a book that can travel countries too.” It was this life lesson I got from my grandfather that pushed me to finally write my first book.

Q) Which is your favourite part from the book?

The first chapter. It says – “Between every start and stop, there’s always a pause.” Though the entire book will always be close to my heart but it is this chapter that I feel touched my conscience. I love this chapter the most because it provides the reader with that comfort which he/ she has been craving for. It eases them down from the endless pressure they’ve been carrying over them and gives them the break their heart, mind & most importantly, their conscience has been craving for.

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Q) A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

No answer.

Q) Tell us about your plans? Planning a new book?

I am definitely writing a new book and in fact, it is almost completed and I’ll be announcing it super soon. As an Author, I can’t hinder myself from exploring new genres and thus, I’ll stepping into a different genre of writing with this book. And thus, technically, this book is also going to be my debut book in that genre!

Q) How your life changed after the book was published?

Apart from adding ‘Author’ as a prefix in front of my name, if there’s one major change I am grateful for, it is, that people have finally started acknowledging creative writing as a full time profession and started giving it the respect it deserves. I’ve been writing articles & poetries since years but it was only in 2021 when my first book got published, people realised that writing was much more than just passion for me. I am glad I could change this outlook. Another big change is, I’ve started feeling more responsible towards writing as it is not just a ‘passion’ anymore. Now that I have stepped into my profession, I have started maintaining a full-fledged schedule wherein I give a good amount of time to writing & exploring different genres.

Q) What is a literary success for you?

Every profession has its own share of success & failures and when it comes to literature, I feel the biggest accomplishment of being an Author is, you are known by your words. It is the words we write that remain immortal in the hearts of readers forever. Today, if people remember my book more than my name, this would be nothing less than a moment of pride and honour for me. An author’s legacy & work stays forever in the form of books he/she writes.

Q) What is the most common myth you hear related to your profession?

Out of all the myths fluttering around, one common myth I keep hearing constantly is that since being an author doesn’t need any qualification, writing is no big deal and thus, is everyone’s cup of tea. I agree that you don’t need a degree to become a writer, but you definitely need creativity and being creative is not easy. You just can’t write two lines and question this creative profession out of nowhere. Being an Author is definitely not that easy as it seems. It takes and in fact, in my case, has taken numerous rejections, multiple editing, endless hours of writing, & multiple writing blocks to achieve the future of my dreams and I am still a beginner in this field. A lot is still left to achieve I believe. Writing is not just about adding flattering vocabularies and rhyming them up to create a jingle. I usually laugh around when I see people believe in this myth but deep down, I genuinely want to bust this and make everyone realise and value the efforts that are put in to become an Author.

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