You are currently viewing Interview with Purvi Mehta- Author of When fate conspires.

Interview with Purvi Mehta- Author of When fate conspires.

Purvi Mehta is the author of the book – ‘When Fate Conspires’. She is an educator, trainer and coach. Passionately associated with the field of academics for 24 plus years, she has mentored a multitude of students and teachers. Her love for art, philosophy, reading and her students, continues to inspire her. She lives in Surat with her husband and daughter.


Tell us about the idea behind the book?

The idea was to tell a story that can vibe with the readers. ????

Your favourite character from the book?

All characters have different traits so they appeal to me at one or another level. Nonetheless, the character of ‘Rashi’ in ‘When Fate Conspires’ resonates with me the most.

How much time did it take in the process of writing?

From idea to publishing eight years passed by, as I had dropped the project for years in between. When I took to writing it dedicatedly, it took four months to complete it.

What did the process of writing this book teach you?

That it’s not a cake-walk to write a book!! ????

What inspired you to write this book?

The conflict faced by the lead characters and the moral lessons that were passively going to reach the readers.

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A book that had an impact on you, which helped you in writing this one?

I haven’t read anything from the genre in which I have written, so, as-such my work is not inspired by anyone else. But in general, I am a fan of Dan Brown and Amish Tripathi, they are real-gems in the world of fiction.

Tell us about your publishing journey in 5 words.

An all-around learning experience.

Tell us about your plans? Planning a new book?

Yes. A non-fiction, fiction, may be a sequel, don’t really know, let’s wait to see how ‘Fate Conspires’ this time. ????

What is a literary success for you?

When my readers will be inspired enough to pick up at least one good thought, habit, value or ethic form any of my writings, it would mean literary success for me. And of course, a fat pay-cheques from the publishers. ????

A message for all the readers.

Reading is the best way to learn, grow and widen our perspective. So, keep reading and keep learning, coz learning is an endless process. ????

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