No more Trust left !

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It have been a Year where things have changed. Almost everyday went trying to be stranger with you, A year waiting for you, but then I Know that wait isn’t worth, its just that I am trying Not to Fall in Love with You every Second of My life. I am trying not to believe in Love ! 
Yes, Love, Trust, Friendships are just words Now, they no more have any feeling in my life, due to various reasons

People say, “When you get hurt, there’s beginning of new YOU” 
Still Wonder, is that beginning of New YOU or Death of You, Changing, becoming feeling less or  becoming Numb. 

Well, There’s No more trust left in LOVE, Left in You. Wonder If i Will Fall in love Again? or wonder, When I will Stop Loving You again and again. Things changed, Time Changed and I guess Someday Love for You will also change, It will get fade and lose it’s Sparkle.

Many Questions in mind ! and answer for all is You, well, Not YOU, The love for You.

Now, I came to know the meaning of statement, “Don’t Expect that person you love will love you back” it’s true ! But still little space in heart  still wait for  you, but other part of heart try to hate you, which never happens !
Well. It’s okay ! I will Learn not to love you, or will learn to love, LOVE. 

Your message Doesn’t make me smile anymore,
But Heart is always Curious About It !

Yes, Waves move away..roll over and takes u to the different shore..where you never wanted to be…

“Tuje Dundhte dundhte Mene Khud ko h Kho dia, Esa asar kuch tera hua”

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