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Things I want to have on my working Desk – #blogchattera2z challenge.

Working Desk, has a special place in my life, It motivates me to work more and at the same time, give me that satisfaction. But then, guess what I don’t have a working desk. For me, sometimes it’s a bed, sometimes it’s near my Balcony, sometimes on a sofa and sometimes on the floor. But, I always love having a working desk. 

I have many plans for making my desk and there are many things that I want to add on my working desk, in my cosy corner. 

What are the things you would like to add on your working desk?

Things I would love to add on my working desk.

  • A Photoframe with some inspiring quotes or family picture.

A wall with your favourite quotes, pictures always inspires me. I want to have some mini frames with my favourite quotes.

  • Your favourite diaries, notebooks and planners.

Diaries, notebook and planners are love. How about a diary or notebooks with our favourite cover? I love Diaries and planners and I have many different diaries and notebooks, waiting to keep it on my desk.

  • Polaroids

Another thing that motivates me is Polaroids. I love them I have more than 200 Polaroids which are still in my box and some on my shelf. A look at them, every morning, motivates me to start my day.

  • Your favourite Plant.

Plants have their charm. I love having them on my desk. The air purifier plants are the best ones to have on our desk.

  • An organizer set.

An organizer set that will have all your favourite and necessary stationery. Add some cute pens, sticky notes.

  • A Light Box.

A perfect inspiration. A light box can make your working desk look amazing. 

  •  A Pin board with Magnets, badges and some sticky notes.

 Isn’t it a necessity? A Pin board with all your thoughts on it. Magnets, badges are the perfect source of motivation. 

  • Your favourite Lamp.

Add your favourite table lamp here which is perfect for late working hours.

  • You favourite coasters.

Add the Aesthetic touch on your desk with your favourite coasters.

There are so many other things that you can add here, so many things that I am missing here. In the end, a desk that matches your personality and makes you happy & cheers you to work matters the most.

I love having a vibrant desk, What about you?

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