Build a Bridge!

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You can stop me from taking a step ahead,
But you can’t stop my shine,
You can stop me to Speak,
But you can’t stop my words.
You can order to keep mum,
But that silence won’t make me Numb,
I want to leave this cage,
With my dreams I want to engage.
I will take a step and go ahead,
Because I don’t want my passion to be dead.
I am ready to face struggle, but not your pressure,
Yes, I will face fear but will succeed for sure.
I will leave this cage, and be a free bird,
I will speak, and my voice will be heard,
Build a bridge of passion and dreams,
Because not everyone hear your screams,
Just get up, wear a smile,
Work hard with passion every mile,
Be a free bird get out of the cage,
Work very hard on your dreams that everyone gets amazed.
Not everyone you trust is true,
At the end learn to be strong and stand alone.


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