Making a Beautiful Mosaic!

When broken pieces makes a beautiful mosaic!

She felt exhausted, yet she decided to breathe,
She felt caged, yet she decided to fly,
She stood up with truth, when everyone lied
Her voice was shaky, yet she decided to speak,
Being strong, she shows up!

Courage to speak her mind,
In saddest moments, happiness is what she finds,
She focus on herself and what’s important,
Let others keep judging and looking at her.

She takes a step forward to make her life shine,
People are there, just to Spy,
Always on edge and never relaxed,
Out of her comfort zone,
It’s her passion & dreams that she owns!

Being warrior & not inferior,
Putting much effort, she’s gotten so far.
Keeping away dark thoughts,
Decided to be a positive soul.

Darling, don’t feel alone
because, god knows it all!
She’s growing, she’s learning
Every second of her life,
To trust few and get good vibes!

Happy Sunday!

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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