Patience is what you need, trust is what you must have!

Back after the break of two years, with some new thoughts, experiences, joy and laughter.
Wonder how life changes every second, how it is to make every moment special.
how to adore the surprises that life gives you, and most importantly, knowing when to stop!

Embrace moments without fear,
Just because surprises are very rare,
Learn to accept life’s dare,
Smile and happiness makes a beautiful pair!

Some things are never replaced,
not everyone you love is Fake.
yes, there are scars, there are cracks
That’s how a strong person  is made.

Read zodiacs, believe in stars,
Design beautiful world with all your scars,
Scars heal with the right one,
After many tries finally love won.

Fear of loosing kept them apart,
finally the winner was heart,
together when they met,
An angel whispered, “Perfect”

Do what you feel, smile like crazy, be mad, you never know who might fall in love with your kiddishness, who might be dying just to see your smile.
Learn to accept things, life will serve you best when you have Patience!

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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  1. The one who falls in love with your scars, will alws find you beautiful!!!

    Don't stop loving because d one you loved, didn't love you back; what you give to universe, it comes backs to you and in multifold, May be not from same source but definitely you will receive all d love you gave…

    Keep loving, keep smiling n keep living!
    Life is beautiful

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