But first.. ME :)

Sitting at window, with my diary, there were chaos of thoughts running.
Oh yes I liked your blog! Finally you started writing positively! Someone said when they read my blog.
These were the things running on my mind, all i could feel was the change in Me, a Positive change.
flipping pages of diary, how life just changed!
How suddenly everything became positive, how I started believing myself.
and the answer was, when you surround yourself with right, when you think positively, everything is possible.

Each and every person you come across leaves some kind on impact in your life, its up to you how you  take it! what kind of atmosphere you choose to be in. you have many people surrounding you, but its you who should choose the one with whom you want to be with, you want to share things with.

you have the power to keep world happy, but first yourself!
you will be happy in others happiness, if you will be happy first.

You’re someone’s friend, Partner, colleague, sister but first you’re Yourself!
Be yourself, work on yourself, do things that makes you happy, choose the right one with whom you feel happy.

Though there are chaos all around,
Your Laughter has a beautiful sound,
There are many goals and dreams to chase,
work hard for success with a happy face.

You won’t get anything for ready, you need to survive,
Even though it’s Hard to achieve, Strive.
The sky is the limit, so is the sea,
know it’s depth and Just be ME 🙂

Be positive, aim to reach sky because Passion Rules us all!

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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  1. Khushboo - The PRINCESS

    Nothing better than being yourself…it's said one can only love others when they first know how to live themselves…wonderful blog…Keep it up

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