She cry at night,and every morning she wake up with taught that today everything will get alright.they both will be together.She didn’t forgot how he hurted her,but still she loves him.her love is more stronger than his hurt.
she’s shattered,She’s hurted,She’s becoming absent mind,she search reason to smile.the one who was itself a reason to smile is now searching for reason.The one who’s presence make everyone joyful have now became dull. She sits alone,the one who can’t stop talking have just stopped speaking.her eyes became dull,smile is fake and the reason is YOU.
Once you get attached to someone,its hard to forget matter how much you have been hurted but those beautiful memories with that person heals that hurt.That special person becomes more special.But As it is said,’the show must go on’. you have to move on in life and live with memories. have faith in love and patience. If god brought that person in your life,he will make a new plan to bring that person back.have patience and faith in God,in your love.
‘Moving on is hard,but not difficult,times are bad but memories are good,love didn’t die,it just got faded’

It’s easy to forgive,
But hard to forget.
The more times you fall in love with,less sure you are about LOVE

Blog by Vidhya Thakkar

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